Friday, February 2, 2024

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Baby


I am a small dog who lived in a small dog household because that’s how momma wanted it. I don’t think any parent could have loved us more, although I recognize many would love us equally.

Big dogs have a different relationship with their moms than small dogs. Larger canines are rugged companions, built for the outside, where they can go on long walks with their humans or play ball, run all day, and swim, which I avoid even here at the Bridge.

We are mourned in our ways, too.

Most dogs like to be in constant contact with their people, but it is more challenging for big dogs. They should make unique chairs for dog lovers, built for different-sized dogs.

A parent is supposed to feel only physically. Still, when a constant companion who loves being next to your body provides warmth, the absence of the warmth is an unwelcome coldness, and the lack of barking becomes deafening. A bed with a warm dog beside you becomes as uncomfortable as stone.

That is what Aunt Janis has been going through since his little love, Baby, left her for the Bridge. She is cold without Baby’s warmth, deaf without the sound of Baby’s bark, paw falls, and tags jingling, and unable to sleep, her body not understanding why, despite multiple blankets, she is so cold in bed.

When a dog goes to the Bridge, its parent takes on all the pain the dog was in, all the exhaustion they felt, and the sorrow the dog felt in leaving. This gave Baby and the other dogs a chance to start fresh at the Bridge.

Baby is young and free of pain now, except for the pain of missing her mom. She is still with her mom but can’t snuggle, can’t keep her arm, can’t bring the calmness the sound of her jingling tags always created.

Baby is with family and friends, of which she had many, being a social networking dog for most of her life. And the parents of these angels are trying to comfort Aunt Janis, who appreciates the wave of understanding and comfort they provide. But no number of supporters can ever be enough.

Human life is an audition. How they do will affect what their afterlife will provide.

Aunt Janis has a mighty angel making her case.

For her, heaven isn’t much.

Like many dog lovers, it is just to hear a dog’s sounds, take in their scent, and feel their warmth,

That is true heaven.


  1. Baby is deeply missed, dearly loved, forever in our hearts she is now pain free watching over her mom from the bridge with other siblings that have gone before her. What a beautiful Tribute for Baby. Love Dallas and Belle Lawson

  2. That's such a lovely tribute to Baby. We know her mom is missing her so much.

  3. I am so sorry about Baby...she sure did have pretty eyes
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. We are light beings, having a human or doggo or catto experience.
    When we return to the light, all the physical pain is gone, yet the love remains.

  5. Baby tells a story of true love experienced throughout her life.
    Yes, it feels 'cold' without her body warming her Mom but the memories always will remain...
    Mariette + Kitties and Angel Mauzie the miniature Dachshound

  6. Baby was loved and gave love to her parent as all our precious little ones do for their parents too. It is a blessing. And so extraordinarily difficult to the parents when the little one goes to the Bridge.


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