Thursday, February 8, 2024

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday,

Frank was a lonely pebble on the edge of the tide.

Sometimes, he felt so alone he cried.

A friend of his said, “’you should try what I tried.”

And that is when Frank ordered a Russian mail-order bride.


He downloaded Google Translation

To avoid miscommunication,

He went to the airport, the agreed-upon location.

To meet a man who sold brides as his vocation.


Frank had new shoes, a suit, and his hair styled.

He imagined how his new bride would leave him beguiled.

Then he saw his new bride, a five-year-old child.

If word got out about this he would be reviled.


Larry told the man of his concerns.

But the man told him he made a payment, and this was what he earns

And here was an important lesson to learn

There are no exchanges or returns.


This was quite a quagmire.

He could not leave her alone to a fate most dire

So he brought her home to do the cooking and cleaning parts of a wife he did require

The first day home she flooded the house and caused a grease fire.


Frank realized what was needed more than he did a wife was she a dad.

And he thought about keeping her but that would be bad,

So he had to do what made him the most sad

And have her to DCF to find a family that wanted a little girl to add.


Fred walked around the house in a fog

Until he realized what was better than a wife: A dog.

Who wouldn’t boss him around like a demagogue?

He was lucky when he went to the shelter there was no backlog.


So there would be no wife who would cook and sew for him

And wag her fingers at him

And take money from him,

Just a little a black dog, to be a best friend for him.

And he learned that was what was right for him.









  1. our dad agree... he is with bob marley... no woman no cries ;O)))

  2. That was an amazing tale to tell from that picture. We're glad it worked out best in the end.


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