Thursday, February 15, 2024

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday,


Frankie and Johnny were left alone.

With nothing to occupy them but a single bone

“I am so bored,” Frankie said with a moan.

He sat by the door, hoping his parents would soon be home.


Johnny was more of a grouch.

And, when it came to the goodness of character, Frankie could not vouch.

Johnny was not one to sit around and slouch.

So he decided to eat on the couch.


Their parents came home from a busy day at work.

You are complaining about who doesn’t work hard, who is mean, and who is a jerk.

They did not know what trouble awaited them as they opened the door.

While a nervous Franke held back, Johnny met them with a perk.


Then they saw their couch torn apart on the floor.

And replacing it would make them poor.

They got Frankie and Johnny and said por favor

But who ate the couch? They must have had delusions of grandeur.


Frankie knew the answer and announced:” It is.”

When Johnny jumped on his and told him to stop, his mouth whizzes

Around here, if there are snitches.

You’ll be wearing the cone of shame after you get stitches.


Before their parents came home, Johnny consulted with Judge Foley

Who told Johnny by everything holy

Never admit doing anything wrong, not eating the couch or a plate of rigatoni.

And find a fall dog, someone to take the blame, like a hockey match lost by a drunk goalie.


So, to keep them out of the gulag.

Johnny began a monologue.

And left his parents agog.

When he named the culprit as sum udder dawg.

His parents knew Johnny's story was filled with lies

But accepted his story with a sigh

They did not know what happened and could only hypothesize

When in the middle of the night, Johnny threw up the couch, and their suspicions they did realize.


  1. You always get found out in the end...

  2. hahaha great!!! they are like our twins lol

  3. Those boys sure were in big trouble for eating the couch. BOL!

  4. Oh noooooooooooo that very old cheese will get you every time.
    as the odd couple said, "they had some old meat or some very new cheese in their fridge"
    Hugs Cecilia


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