Friday, February 16, 2024

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Geordie find the perfect dog


Geordie’s immortal life became more complicated when his brother Toby arrived at the Bridge, which was fitting because Toby became the third wheel in his. His mom’s happy vehicle, their lives became embroiled in drama and nearly went off the rails.

Toby was a sweet boy most of the time, but every day, for a few hard minutes, the Dr Hyde side of his personality emerged, and Toby became violent. Geordie had kept him in line, but when Geordie went to the Bridge, Toby’s dark side emerged with greater frequency until his mom sent him to the Bridge.

Even at the Bridge, Toby was a handful, but Geordie was happy Toby wasn’t a psychotic handful.

When Geordie sets out to find his mom a new dog, it will be more complicated than when his angel friends do the same for their moms. She had gone through a horrible time helping Toby go to the Bridge and could not go through that experience again.

Geordie knew the only way he could get his mom a new dog wasn’t to help her but to find a needy dog that his mom couldn’t have the heart to say no.

The ASPCA found a house where a woman kept more than one hundred pets, primarily dogs, cats, and turtles. All the dogs were malnourished, others with serious problems, and some didn’t survive. The others were left with medical and psychological issues. They would need a forever home, with an understanding parent used to taking care of dogs.

Geordie went to interview them, and Toby came along. Geordie asked one dog he was impressed with, Murphy, questions about what kind of home he dreamed of living in. When he was done, Geordie asked Tobyn if there were any questions. “Got a cheeseburger?” Toby asked.

From there, Geordie and Toby visited their mom, Geordie to persuade her to take any chance on Murphy and Toby, with a list of grievances over the times his food was late.

When she awoke, their mom knew there was a dog for her, the one no one else would take a chance on, the one with a serious heart murmur and still showing the effects of his terrible life.

When you take in a dog who has been in an abusive situation, every day they spend in their new happy home wipes out a year of bad memories until they are erased forever.

And if the problematic heart murmur becomes more serious,  and Murphy has to go to the Bridge, he has a forever home with Toby, Geordie, and their mom’s other dogs.

A forever home is a great gift to give.

Even if that forever home includes Toby.



  1. We are sure Geordie and Toby's mom will love having Murphy at home with her.

  2. Murphy is so lucky to have found a loving home!

  3. I so loved reading this. It is so loving.


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