Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Foley and Pocket discuss their adventures in babysitting

Foley: Wow! What a day we had on Thursday, our oldest sister brought our grandbabies over in the morning, and at night we helped Mommy babysit a whole other set of grandbabies. If it wasn't for Pocket yakking all day it would have been perfect.

Pocket: I did not yak all day. I yakked maybe once the night before, and I don't know who yakked after that.

Foley: Oh it's you, yak, yak yak. You yakked in the bed while we were sleeping then slept on Mommy's head the rest of the night leaving me in the wet spot. You know the puppy rules: You yak in the bed you sleep in it.

Pocket: Yes, True. I did yak in the bed and I yakked that morning. It's the heat. I don't like it.

Foley: Oh puppy up for heaven sakes! I'm ten years old an I'm out there walking in the heat, a youngster like you should be able to put up with the heat all day.

Pocket: Well you yakked on sister number two's rug, in her home, where she sleeps, where her children come and play with their toys.

Foley: It's that damn leather furniture, makes me sick every time, it's like lying on hot coals. Plus I was sitting next to your yak face makes me sick. Yak face always makes me sick.

Pocket: How would you know I had yak face whenever I tried to get up on the leather chair with you and Mommy you began snapping, snarling, and growling.

Foley: I didn't want your yak face messing up sister number two's leather chair.

Pocket: You just didn't want me sitting with Mommy. You are so territorial.

Foley: First of all, one of us needed to be on the floor playing with the children, the other sitting in the leather chair watching. I am ten. I am no longer a player. So Mommy and I had to watch. That meant you had to play with the children. And to tell you the truth I was not happy at all in the way you played with them. You need to engage them, roll on your back and get belly rubs, jump and dance for them. In fact, to be truthful, your performance was so poor that's why I yakked.

Pocket: You yakked because you drank a whole bowl of water when we came inside.

Foley: It was hot and I wanted to get my water before your yak face got in it.

Pocket: Yeah, then I got yakky water. But it was hot.

Foley: Yeah, hot.

Pocket: Yup, a scorcher.

Foley: Uh-hum. (Awkward pause) Soooooo

Pocket: Anyway, you scratched Mommy's arm in one of the six or seven times we got into a fight over the chair.

Foley: I told you to stay down and play with the children while I supervised and you kept trying to get into the supervisors chair.

Pocket: I got tired and the kids weren't playing with me they were hitting Daddy in the face with stuffed animals.

Foley: Oh my God that was so funny, Daddy's glasses went flying, his nose got smushed. Hah hah hah ah

Pocket: Hah Hah Hah Hah, yeah, geeze.

Foley: Hah. You know, one of the times we fought you were so viscous Daddy had to let our oldest grandbaby Mackenzie pick you up.

Pocket: Daddy said he wanted to see how she would handle because she might get her own dog in the spring.

Foley: Oh bull Daddy just got tired of getting up and separating us.

Pocket: Plus I think he was knocked silly by the stuffed animals.

Foley: Yeah. You know every time we fought little Emily and Kiley went running out of the room like we were ferocious lions.

Pocket: Oh, that was so cool! They went out yelling like they were scared of us.

Foley: Oh, I loved that. To be honest the last few times I fought with you was just to make them run.

Pocket: I know. You'd think Mommy and Daddy would have noticed we stopped fighting when they went to bed.

Foley: Oh well Daddy was knocked silly and Mommy is old. She has to be old. She has a ten year old dog for heaven's sake.

Pocket: And how about that walk after Mackenzie went to bed?

Foley: Oh, in that ritzy neighborhood they live in with the big houses out in the woods. There are all sorts of coyotes, foxes and wolves out in those parts and none of them came out to mess with us.

Pocket: Because they heard the ferocious Yorkies fighting in the house.

Foley: Yup, that was the plan. That and scaring the two small humans.

Pocket: I don't know why Daddy took us for a walk when Mackenzie went to bed.

Foley: Because when Emily and Kiley went to bed and you stayed downstairs with Daddy and Mackenzie you cried out whined for ten minutes.

Pocket: I don't like when Mommy is out of sight, you know that, I don't know if she's coming back.

Foley: Of course she's coming back, she's coming back for me, and for some reason you are always with me, so you're fine.

Pocket: Will I ever be as self assured as you are?

Foley: Oh Pocket, of course not. But once Mackenzie went to bed we settled down together with Mommy in the leather chair.

Pocket. Yeah, every time I rolled over it was like I was leaving a layer of skin from my who who on the chair.

Foley: You know that's like cow skin. Who would want to sit on a cow?

Pocket: Well, another cow.

Foley: I finally fell asleep, how about you?

Pocket: Yeah, I could fall asleep with Mommy lying in a bed of fire.

Foley: Yeah, me too. I do think we did an excellent job baby sitting.

Pocket: Me too, want to lie down and go to sleep agian?

Foley: Sounds good to me, you never know when we need to babysit again?

(Foley: Our yakking only got worse, I will be back with another blog soon about my tunny troubles and my sudden love of rice. You know, same Tanner time, same Tanner channel.)


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  2. Oh, you two are typical siblings! Ha ha ha ha ha!


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