Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fred is our July 18th pup of the week

To find our Pup of the week Pocket and I had to reach across the Universe to the Bridge to honor a friend who crossed over some time ago.

We are not honoring him because of what he did this week. We are honoring him for something he did years ago. For helping to make his Mom a wonderful, caring person, who loves all dogs, not just her own.

This week Fred's Mom Maria traveled from Argentina to Italy, and not for the normal reason a person would do so, to complete the third leg of the Amazing Race, but to meet another Brigade Mom.

She met our friends Paco's Mom at a little cafe in Rome. It is wonderful when our Mom's met. They are the most special people, and they have so much to talk about. Namely: Us.

Now Maria loves her Luca and Junior as much as any Mom loves their little puppies. But there is one dog that will always have her heart and that was Fred.

As everyone who knew Fred, and all his friends at the Bridge know, don't bother Fred during the World Cup. I heard from my friends at the Bridge, that from early in the morning until the sun set over the bridge, Fred would be surrounded by puppy beer, pretzels, Frosty Paws and Foleytinis, and have friends in and out all day with the only rules being wipe your paws, and never speak out against his beloved Argentina or their freaky couch Diego Maradona.

Now our Moms treasure what we leave behind when we go to the Bridge. They are little pieces of us left behind. But Fred's Mom decided to part with one of her little memories, and give it to Paco, because his beautiful little face reminds her of Fred. It was such a wonderful gesture it filled all eight eyes in our house with tears. And we know from his blog how it touched Paco's house. There is no greater tribute you can pay to another then to give them something from your heart and that is what Fred's Mom Maria did.

And a big tip of the tail to Paco for wearing an Argentine World Cup colors in Italy. Mama-mia! That takes quite a red rocket Paco. You do look very happy in it.

So, because he helped his Mom become the wonderful, generous person that she is, and for passing on one of his treasured items to another Bridge member: Fred is our Pup of the Week.

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