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Smoochy is our July 25, 2010 pup or the week

A couple of weeks ago, when I honored our pacifist dogs, I meant to include this week's Pup of the Week Smoochy because I remembered reading a story where Smoochy totally put a pugnacious pooch in it's place. But despite long nights of searching I could not find these postings. I started to wonder, if, at ten, I was beginning to imagine Smoochy posts so he was not included in that week's pup of the week. After I published it Hattie Mae told me that the pacifist posting was on Facebook. Holy tweet Batman! I had been barking up the wrong social network.

So I sent my friend Smoochy a message apologizing for not including him as our Pup of the Week. I promised him if he did anything interesting, like farting sideways I would make him Pup of the Week. But Mama Mia he went to such lengths.

Instead of breaking wind to the left he grew a giant mast cell tumor on his leg. Geeze, Smooch, there was no need to go to such extremes.

On Wednesday his mother found the large lump on his leg. Since Smooch had recently had an thorough exam these big bump had to be new.

Now, all the Moms here on the Tanner Brigade know everything there is to know about raising pups. I know it's redundant but I will repeat them for any new members who read this. (1) Find out what is wrong with your pup. (2) Panic.

By Thursday they were off to the dogtor. Now I wasn't there but I know what happened. The dogtor concentrated on everything except the giant disgusting lump on Smoochy's leg. And I'm betting this drove his Mommy into a tither and you don't want to be tithered.

Hattie Mae let us know what was going on and we all prayed hard as it seemed surgery was going to happen that day. But the dogtor, oh, he got tired. He told Smoochy to come back in one week. And what a long week it has been for all of his closest friends.

On the 28th the entire Brigade will meet in our church and pray that the surgery is successful and that the big ugly mass is just a big ugly mass of nothing.

We all know you are going to be just fine Smoochy. But we do want you to know how much we love you. How your blogs make us smile. How we love your pictures. How we look forward to your comments. How we are all proud to call you our friend.

So here's to you Smoochy, our Pup of the Week.


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