Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bailey don't go

Bailey's Mommy and Daddy are coming for her today and we have to hide her.

She loves it here. The rhythm of life in our family is perfect for her. No little kids running around pulling her tail or beautiful fur. No big, clumsy dog slobbering over her.

If I didn't know it was sillier than bands I would say that Bailey loved Mommy more than I do. When Mommy is downstairs cleaning the basement, or in the bathroom, Bailey walks around the house moaning like a ghost: "OhhhhhhhhhhwhereareyouMommyooooooohhhhhIdon'twanttonealoneooooohhhhfindme" The other day when Mommy went out Bailey fell asleep on the couch and when she awoke she must have decided we were all in bed. When Mommy got home Bailey was outside our bedroom scratching at the door and begging to be let in.

At night she settles in on Mommy's right side, being kept warm by her lap, and the heat for her lap top. I lay on the left side. Pocket lays on the recliner with Daddy. Good enough for her.

At Bailey's house she has Mommy or Daddy holds her leash and she pees and then she comes back inside. At our house we go for a walk around the center island of our condo complex. She gets to stretch her legs, smell things, get caught up on tree mail, and scare the crap out of Daddy.

She did that when she slipped her collar. Bailey is a stubborn girl and she decided she wanted to stay behind us and Daddy gave her flexi leash a pull and her collar slipped right off of her. Then Bailey found her youth and began to prance across the grass. We were on our dual leash and we raced after her with Pocket barking and Daddy going "Bailey...Bailey...Bailey....Bailey." She was fast, but she doesn't have a lot of get up to her go and we caught her halfway across the lawn. Daddy carried her inside and barely slept that night. There is nothing worse then losing a dog you are baby sitting.

And Bailey is such a good walker. She stops and sniffs, and then when she begins to walk, with her tail up, she looks like a Clydesdale romping down the trail.

She likes to sleep at the end of the bed, I sleep in the middle and Pocket sleeps near the top at the end of the blanket. Every time Mommy shifts a little we shift with her. Yesterday morning she woke up and Bailey had forced her feet off the bottom of the bed. In a few more days we could have her off the bed completely, then we could go to work on Daddy. But we can't do it alone.

Plus Bailey eats so much better here. Mommy makes us special food, and she adds a touch of yogurt which is so yummy. Just dried kibble at Bailey's house: like a Chihuahua caught in Arizona without a license who spends the night in jail.

We've discussed how we can keep Bailey here when here family comes for her. We thought about her biting but she knows it's wrong, she isn't a violent dog, and she has the reflexes of Kirk Douglas at a rodeo. We thought about dog napping her but when we did that with Shakira we got in such trouble. Plus it cost us lots of kibble to mail Shakira back. Our plan right now is for Bailey to go and bury herself in Mommy's lap and put on such a moaning show they don't have the heart to take her away.

But it wont work. She'll go all crazy when she sees her family and leave with them and in the middle of the night sigh and start missing us. It's just a dog's life. But I did enjoy having her and will miss her very much.

I think her family should vacation more. Maybe an RV trip to Europe for a few months. Then we'd have time to sell the house, move, and keep Bailey forever. (Sigh) We can only dream.

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  1. Parting is very sad and I'm sure Bailey enjoyed being w/you all. Did you spoil her really, really well?? Good for you!!