Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Foley's Birthday Party Blog

I would like to thank all the pups who came to my birthday party on Monday. I lapped up so many Foleytinis I can barely remember what happened. It's a good thing we walk on four legs so when we pass out we are not far from the ground.

Pocket led me to the birthday area at the Tanner Memorial Dog Park. There was a big banner hanging over the Tanner and Sophie statues that said "Happy Tenth Birthday Foley Monster." In the middle was a beautiful, ornate fountain.

I walked over to it and Pocket told me to take a lick. I did, and it was filled with wonderfully cool Foleytinis. I began to lap up quickly but Pocket put a paw on my shoulder and told me to slow down.

Then my friends began to arrive. Excuse me if I don't remember all of you, I was deep in my bowls and my memory is fuzzy. I remember Smoochy and MacDougal bringing birthday balloons which are so much more fun then my every day balloons. Blazer taught us how to make Smores, using beef jerky instead of chocolate and they were just about the best thing I have ever tasted. I don't remember who brought the hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream but they were all first rate. It was wonderful to watch Rugie put her feet on the end of the table, tip it, and let all the hamburgers slide down his throat.

Roland came pushing our healing Savannah in a wagon. I had hired a masseuse to help pups like Savannah who had injuries. But we had to chase him off when Hattie found out he was just a weird guy who like giving belly rubs.

Sage and Saffron were there. Sage had to be careful with what he ate because he had a big dogtor's appointment the next day but we still let him down some refreshing Foleytinis. When Cali and Hurley came we broke up into teams for World Cup frisbee, Whiskey appointed himself fountain watcher and never let it run dry. Mollie did a fine job of refereeing and keeping score.

We couldn't keep Lilly, Moe, Scooter, Jack & Jill from jumping into the fountain but we soon got those water loving dogs out and into a wading pool. Shiloh's Space then came over with her guitar and Leo joined her on drums and we all began to sing. While we were Pokey stopped by, he doesn't like leaving his Mom's side but he had a big container of bubbles and we began to blow them up into the air. It was very peaceful as Hattie danced for us, while Zoe painted my birthday picture.

I went back and laid down and looked up in the sky where we saw Tanner, Sophie, Teddie, Pepsi, Kenya, Morgan and other friends we lost riding on the bubbles looking down and waving at us.

Then Pocket was ready to set off her silent fireworks and they were spectacular. Exploding in the sky and not a sound to be made. Well, except Pocket yelling "Ouch!" every time she lit a match. Next year we are going to work on fire less fire works. What bothers me about that is that it could just turn out to be work.

So we're already planning birthday number 11. Hope to see you all there.

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