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Savannah and Sage are our July 4th pups of the week

You know what we were able to do this week as a group that we have never been able to do before? Go for a walk: Thanks to a brilliant idea by Sage to help our friend Savannah.

This is how two pups, from separate states, separate families, became our pups of the week. One who had a need, and another kind enough to virtually try to fulfill that need.

Our friend Savannah has had a leg surgery and now the dogtors wants her to put weight on it. But when she does it hurts.

Us dogs don't have much time for pain. We have short lives and we would like to spend it as comfortable as possible. Why put pressure on a fourth leg that hurts when we can get around perfectly on three legs? But Savannah's Mommy is feeling some stress because she wants her baby to be back to normal.

While we are the Internet's closest wireless family there is only so much we can do, to give support, prayer, and an occasional big smile.

But the brilliance of Sage's idea was that it got Savannah on her feet, even if it was just her cyber feet, and out on a walk.

We not only (hopefully) helped Savannah get on her feet but we got to experience what all our friends experience on their walks.

Then, in our dreams, we all got together with Savannah and we walked, then ran, and even romped, so she could remember what it was like to be free, to feel the grass under all four paws, and propel ourselves forward like a new born stallion enjoying it's first free dash in a lush meadow.

Now we don't know what happened when Savannah awoke, if she remembered her dream and ran around the house, or if her dream faded away like some do.

But regardless, for bringing us all together, and for showing us the power of hope, prayer, friendship and courage, Sage and Savannah are our Pups of the Week/


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