Friday, October 7, 2011

A big thank you to Leo the great gift giver

There is nothing Pocket and I enjoy more than our walk through the Village of the Pruned to the mailboxes. We are so excited that there might be something for us. Most days we only find the same silly human missives. We aren't disappointed. Before we're back on the ramp we're excited about what the next day may bring.

And then it happens. Daddy says "a package for Foley and Pocket." We drag him back home like we're champion dog sledders. Daddy dismisses the human missives and reads who our mail is from. He says it's from our brother Leo the Lion, Leo the Brave, Leo the Generous, and his wonderful Mom.

There were two personally made Bauser bandannas and two personally made Bauser Halloween bandannas. There were also two tennis balls (which Pocket has already hidden behind or under something,) and four plush toys. What a haul! Leo you are truly a wonderful friend. And yes, we have pictures.

These are two photos of me wearing my bandanna. I am being my cranky self so it was hard to get my picture because of my turning, and lying down, and being a diva.

I hope they show off the bandannas properly. And of course I am perfect. Any problems should be blamed on the photographer. Nice going Daddy.

Here are the Pocket pictures

I think you get a better sense of how beautiful Bauser's bandanna is in this picture. I think in my beauty draws attention from away from the bandanna while Pocket's "everydog" look draws attention to the bandanna

And here is the picture of Pocket with all the swag Leo sent us and you can see what a wonderful dog Leo is.

One final time Leo, thank you. And I know what you are thinking. Thank you Foley for not posing with the swag so everyone could see it. No need to thank me Leo. You're the best. Love you. Chow.

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  1. Look at all those goodies. There is barely room on the chair for you.
    Benny & Lily