Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ginger Dash and Dulce are our October 2, 2011 Pups of the Week

I don’t like to admit how lucky I am. I would rather come on the Internet and complain about life. Saying how wonderful your life is doesn’t make for good blogging. So I tend to highlight what doesn’t go so well.

But I am a lucky dog. For the last eleven years I have been able to live with my Mommy and Daddy. But it doesn’t work that way for all dogs. Sometimes, no matter how much they love each other, or, at least, loved one another, they can’t stay together any longer.

My Daddy isn’t my Mommy’s first Daddy. Wait, that isn’t right. Humans relations always have me confused. Mommy had a Daddy before Daddy. Oh gosh I am confused. Who is Mommy’s Daddy? OK, there used to be a guy who slept with Mommy that wasn’t Daddy. Maybe a hundred. I don’t know. I am going to have to lie down soon.

But as for me, one Daddy, one Mommy, living in wonderful co-dependent bliss. But for our pups of the week, Dulce and Ginger Dash, their Moms and Dads decided that life would be happier for everyone involved, including the pups, if they lived apart.

This can be so hard on us pups. We like routine and when we move, or someone moves away, our routine becomes disrupted. But at the same time that little signal goes off in our minds, like the one that goes off in vampires minds on True Blood when someone who they drank from is in trouble, and we go into help because the reason we are on this rock is to be Mommy’s little helper. The signal to help overrides the loss of routine until we forget what the routine ever was.

Even though all break ups are terribly painful for all involved Dulce’s Mom and Dad seem to be agreeing on going forward in the best way possible for everyone involved, including Dulce. He is going to spend time with both his Mom and Dad. Shared custody is hard enough to work out with kids, it is nice to see them working it out with their dog. Although it is very sad it so far seems like there won’t be a bloody war and Ducle will get to spend time with both parents.

Ginger Dash’s parents split was not so amiable. Ginger suffered from one of the worst things: When Daddies go bad. He became mean and abusive to Ginger’s Mom. I know many of our Mommies have gone through the same horror, We are so concerned with abused dogs that we forget how many Moms here have been abused.

Ginger Dash and and her Mom had to run to her Mom’s house for their on safety. They had to leave behind Ginger’s siblings, Bit, Doodle, Scooby and Sam. Bit is Hattie’s sister Jackie Lynn’s birth Mom. Ginger Dash’s Mom, via our last communication with her, has not been able to convince Ginger’s Dad to give her the Ginger’s siblings. So far he has given her little cooperation. Ginger and her Mom are such special friends and we know they are going through a very difficult time. If she wants help to get her siblings back all Ginger has to do is ask us and we will raise a Brigade for her.

I think Ginger is going to need to lean on us more than Dulce but we are going to be here for both of them. You both need to take care of your Mom, especially you Ginger. She has gone through some very hard times and there are lots of Mom here who have gone through the same thing. And we will pray for peace in the families of both Ginger and Dulce.


  1. Hope everything works out for every buddy's
    Benny & Lily

  2. Let us know if Ginger Dash's Mommy needs help. Sad state of affairs that's fur sure.


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