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The Two Luckiest Yorkies In the World

Pocket and I like to complain about things but we are the two luckiest Yorkies in the world. We have the best friends anyone could ask for, and we have our parents tied around our little dew claws. To give you an example of how we have our parents under control I will relate this story. At our condo across from the state mental hospital there was a back door with windows that went almost to the floor so I could stand and bark at anything that moved in the back yard. But since we moved to the Village of the Pruned we don't have floor to ceiling windows and I can't help in the neighborhood watch.

This morning Daddy saw a squirrel by his bird feeders. It is my job to keep the vermin away from the feeders. It had been raining and the ground was wet. I guess Daddy didn't want me to get my paws wet, he had just brought me out and dried my paws when I came in. So he picked me up from my comfortable chair, carried me out on the porch, opened a porch window, pointed out the vermin, held me while I barked, then, when my job was completed, carried me back and put me on my chair like the princess I am. I don't even have to chase vermin anymore. I get carried, then held, to bark at them. I am the Queen.

On Thursday a frustrating thing happened. The door opened and shut but no one came in. I find this behavior very annoying. In the world of Yorkies, either you're in or you're out. Pocket and I stood by the freshly painted closet door and barked our protest. Mommy went out and came back in with a box. We got very excited because boxes usually means gifts for Yorkies but, at first, Mommy said they were new sandals for Daddy's precious little feat. Big deal. But then she said, no, she was wrong, it was for us.

We hurried over to the table to wait and see what we got. Of course Mommy and Daddy had to study the package. They couldn't' find a sender's name anywhere. Pocket and I were making our "miiir, mirrrrrrrr, miirrrrrrrrrm" whiny sound of impatience. They slit open the box. The first gifts to come out were these wonderfully stylish scarves.

Pocket took to hers like a duck to water. I took to mine like a duck to a shotgun. I don't like having things pulled over my head. I have seen the Green Mile one too many time. I did take to the delicious dental bones that came in the package. When Mommy's and Daddy's therapist came over on Thursday morning I scoffed mine down faster than any Yorkie could. Pocket, wearing the scarf, and the shirt Reba, Logan and Dodger sent her was too nervous to eat. The therapist. seeing a Yorkie dressed in scarf, shirt, and pants, raised her deductible.

Also in the package were two Halloween costumes. Pocket dove into hers. I remained aloof about mine. But I decided to be a good sport and try it on. The pictures are below.

We have no idea who was way too generous to us, and who we owe so much. We do have Pocket Dog Private Dog on the case so it is a just a matter of time.. Miss Laura knows who it is was and Pocket has ways (extensive licking) of making her talk,

But until Pocket cracks the case we want to thank all the wonderful friends we have on TB, DS, and in the blogger community. I thank you all for being our friends and making us the luckiest dogs in the world.

And for staying with us this long you get a bonus picture of our grandbabyboy Calvin


  1. CUTE!!! but say it like this Qute!!!! because only that way you convey the sentiment. Unlike the asinine hideousness that awaits us. I am not ready to talk about it yet. I need a trauma team and a long sit down.... first.... sigh...


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