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Mia Learns to be a Big Sister to a Tiny Human

We don't see much of our great big American Bulldog cousin Mia, She used to come visit us at the condo but she has never been to our new house. She used to go for rides all the time with our human brother Chad. We didn't go to her house too much. Chad and his wife Lisa don't like Mia jumping on their couch because she sheds. Pocket and I don't abide by the rules so much. So we don't go over there; it has something to do with if Mia can't jump on the couch than neither can we.
Humans: So many rules (I mean how are you going to snuggle with someone if the don't let you on the couch?)

Lisa then had her human litter of one. A cute little buy named Calvin who we love very much. But like lots of first time parents Lisa and Chad were protective of their precious new life. And Mia, who had gone from being the baby to being the baby watcher no longer knew where she fit in the family.

Mia wanted to check out this new little life. But her parents were always pulling her away when she got close. And the attention she got Well now that was going to Calvin.

It was some rough going the first few weeks. Calvin was an interesting little creature. He was a poo factory and us dogs love poo factories. And he was smiling, and happy, a wonderful addition to the family

Slowly, as Calvin got to be a meaty 19 pounds, and Mia got to know the little man. As his parents grew more comfortable and their confidence as parents grew they allowed Mia to get close to Calvin. Mia wasn't sure what this thing was but she knew her Mommy loved it and that was enough for her. So Mia made up her mind that from this day forward she was going to be Calvin's protector.

But there was no test to show how protective she had become. All the people who came to visit Calvin Mia knew before Calvin came and she trusted all of them. She would bark at strange noises in the night and vermin in the back yard. Her parents told her to be quiet but she was fulfilling her new job, protecting that perfect baby.

Mia heard over the phone that there was going to be a family picture taken. She wistfully thought back to the days when they would mention a family picture and that would mean she would be brought along. But she had accepted that a family picture now meant her parents and the baby and she was good with that. She just didn't know what would happen with that baby without her to protect him.

The day of the picture taking came and there was much time spent on getting Calvin to look perfect. Mia planned the walk to the door toe see them off. But when she got there here Mommy reached down and snapped the leash on to her collar and Mia to was led out to the carl She was going to be in the picture, a part of the family just like the other four.

Mia and Calvin sat in the back seat. Mia made sure to stay seated. She didn't want to have the car careen around and her fall on to the car seat. So she was very careful to stay still and not tip.

They reached the park where they were going to get the photo taken. Calvin was taken out of the seat and sat up between Mom and Dad. A very proud Mia lay down on the grass next to Mom. The photographer got set up to take the picture.

But the photographer was not happy with Calvin's smile. So, to get him to smile, the photographer went up to Calvin and with a strange look on his face said. "I'm gonna get you." Mia jumped up, snarling and barking at the man who was threatening the little baby she had sworn to protect. He ran a few steps backwards.

Mia realized that the man wasn't threatening Calvin but trying to make him smile. She was afraid she was going to get in trouble but her parents, knowing she was protecting their baby told her she was a good girl and then Mia realized what a valued member of the family she was. She sat down again on the grass with a big smile on her face.

A most valued member of the family.


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