Tuesday, October 11, 2011

K9 Kamp the Final Challenge: Katch Daddy if you Kan

Daddy put me down on his chair the last day of K9 Kamp. It was on a Thursday. It was a cool day and there was a heat wave coming. We had to complete the challenge today, present our Travelocity gnomes to Phil at the finish line, and find out what trip we had won. Daddy told me that this would be a simple challenge. We would get the flexy leash. We would then walk to the back of the Village of the Pruned where there is a cul-de-sac with four homes.

Daddy picked that spot because there wasn't much traffic, a large circular area, and not many people to witness what could be another incident of K-9 Kamp Komedy.

Koly suggested other activities we could do from previous camps. Daddy and I read them but the only one I was interested in was jumping the dime and some pups didn't feel that was much of a challenge but I swear according to the math, using my body size and weight, and Koly's, my dime is just as big as Koly's log.

Come Thursday morning Daddy leashed me up. Foley barked and barked because these Kamp hijinks have become the high point of her week, but Daddy insisted it was just me and him.

It was cold, for that one day, and the wind was blowing in my face. We were using the flexi leash which we never use but Daddy kept me on a short leash which I think is illegal and against the purpose of the flexi leash. We got to the circle and Daddy said that he was going to run and I had to catch him. I nodded. Daddy released the lock of the flexi leash and he began to run.

And I ran right along side him. Daddy wanted me to jump on him and catch him but he never wanted me to do this before and I didn't know if this was a test. Then I saw something darting to my left which was bad because Daddy was on my right. I ran right in front of him. He tripped over me and stumbled forward but didn't fall down. I kept running after this object on my left and jerked Daddy to see the side when I reached the end of the leash.. But he still maintained his balance. And I saw that the object of my affection was a blowing piece of newspaper.

Daddy looked at me with that look saying we were not getting the Travelocity Gnome. "You have to run straight Pocket, even if you don't catch me, we have to run straight."

"Roo-ray" I said

We ran to the other side of the circle and when we got to the end Daddy clapped his hands and I jumped on him and he said that counted for catching me. Oh boy! The trip to Arruba was within our grasp.

Then something terrible happened. We ran in the other direction and a leaf blew across the road. I crossed in front Daddy again and he kicked me like a soccer ball. I yelped and rolled and Daddy stumbled and dropped to his knees and picked me up and let me lick his face. He told me I had to stop crossing in front of him.

He tried running with me again but I wasn't feeling right from the kicking and rolling. He then picked me up and I trembled like I do when Foley and I are being left alone.

He patted my head and told me that it was all right. We were done with K-9 Kamp for the year. But what about meeting Phil at the mat? The Travelocity Gnome. Is the dream over?

Daddy carried me home. We sat down on the recliner together. We were both sleepy,. I told Daddy I was sorry I ruined K-9 Kamp and he told me he was proud of me because I am a little dog and did the best I could.

I snuggled up to him. He told me it was nap time. I said we should do K-9 Knap Kamp. Daddy told me we would certainly be the K-9 Knap Kamp Khamp. Then we fell asleep together.


  1. Love it! I hereby award you the travelocity gnome! However, don't you have the wrong show? I think you should be stepping up to the scale, having confetti raining down on you and Allie Sweeney announcing your name!

  2. p.s. I would join you at Knap Kamp!

  3. You are definitely the K-9 kamp Komedy Khamps. There should be a big prize for that.

  4. OMD! Pocket! Are you OK?? Are your ears ringing?? How many paws am I holding up?? I can't believe daddy KICKED YOU! Way to go, Daddy. And unfortunately, you have been *woefully* misinformed about the K9 Kamp prizes! WOEFULLY MISINFORMED. You can win some pretty neat stuff, but a trip is *not* on the list. Unless of course, you mean a trip to the vet to be checked for a concussion. That is a trip you might wanna look into.

  5. LOL yall are cuties!
    We are your newest follower and look forward to being pals!
    Congrats on finising!