Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cheyenne, Baron and the Baronfest participants are our pups of the week

As all of you know I am a very impressive dog. But I have never had a fest before. I think Foleyfest would be a grand time. But I don’t think I could top a Baronfest.

We all remember Baron (AKA Bear.) If you never had the pleasure then I am sorry, because Bear was a dog’s dog, loyal, true, joyful. His passing shook the dog world like few others. So it is fitting that dogs should trek down to Missouri to celebrate one of the best dogs we have ever met.

Now with Baron at the Bridge he couldn’t host this event. Hosting duties were passed on to his little sister Cheyenne. Cheyenne is very yo,ung, younger than even Pocket so this was a big test for a little girl. But she was like Dick Clark on New Year’s Eve, this weekend it was like she was born to host.

As great a job as Cheyenne did we have to give a shout out to her Mom Monica. She had to do all the organizing and contacting humans. I am sure the dogs could have sniffed out Cheyenne but rarely do humans trust their pups’ sniffers, and, as a decision, that is not very scientifically sound, sniffing out is what we do. So they used the unconventional mail, e-mail, and those GPS things which are nowhere near as good as a warm sniffer and a cool breeze.

But somehow the humans made it to Missouri on Friday for the kick off of Baron Fest. The first to arrive was Rocky and he was given the honor of throwing out the first tennis ball to Cheyenne. Hannah soon joined them and the party had started with lots of butt sniffs and licks. Plus it was time to sniff and give licks to all the wonderful Moms who did the driving to bring everyone together.

Summer, Kady and Sandy soon joined the band. Oh how I wish I had been there, what fun they had. The dogs took joy in romping and playing and the Moms watching couldn’t help but smile. It was the biggest gathering of cyber friends I have ever heard about.

By this time there were so many pups I lost count. I know Ruger went and Daddy stayed home, not sure about Taser. Friday night the Moms were enjoying a wonderful meal prepared by Miss Monica while the dogs romped in the yard. When they went back to their hotels Moms and pups fell into a deep sleep.

While they all slept Baron and his friends at the Bridge planned some fun of their own. Knowing that all German Shepards love tennis balls they planned the biggest tennis ball assault of all. But having no tennis balls they turned to the next best thing. Tennis ball sized hail rained down from the heavens in tribute to Bear’ for what would a Baronfest be without tennis balls?

In their over exuberance with the tennis hail they almost killed all the participants of Baronfest but they meant well. And folks from other parts of the country, who were not used to tornado alley, got a little keepsake to take with them showing off their tennis hail from Rainbow Bridge. Miss Monica swears that she will not hold Baronfest in April again but no matter what I bet the Bear will let his presence be known again. So this is for Baron, Cheyenne and their Mom and for all the wonderful dogs who traveled to Baronfest.

Hopefully more of us will be able to get together near one another. I wonder if I can talk Mom into a Foleyfest?

(And while we are on the subject of German Shepards wanted everyone to know that Pokey’s and Maggie’s Mom, and our Mom, had a brief Human Space exchange of comments with Erin’s Mom Donna.
She is still going through hard times but she is physically well.
Maybe next year she will be at Baronfest too.)


  1. Wow what a great idea and neat event
    Benny & Lily

  2. I heard how much fun everyone had! Oh, how I wish we didn't live on the other side of the world. I'd go to a Baronfest AND Foleyfest, too! Please tell Erin's mom, Donna, that we love her and want her to be better. My mom has really tough times, too, but they may be different from what Donna is going through. Our love goes out to Pokey & Maggie's mom, too. Love, Blazer