Thursday, April 19, 2012

Foley's and Pocket's Trip to Ralph's Bakery

Pocket and I were taking a stroll through cyberspace yesterday when we came upon a little spot owned by our friend Ralph The Poodle We were hot, and in need of some air conditioning, so we ducked into Ralph’s lovely little shop.

First of all, let me tell you, we walked into the place and there is this wicked cool display. We gazed at some of the cool things we could get at Ralph’s. Fake grass to pee on, charms, extra tough dog toys, extra special doggie water, treats costing just over a dollar, and a special offer that everything is ten perent off when the Red Sox win, which isn’t often, but still, it’s something.

We next checked out the Luxury Pet Tags. These were really nice. They come in different shapes and patterns. They had names printed on them and our cell phone number, if, after we meet adog, we want to chat them up later.

The first room are postings of Ralph’s blogs. It is interesting to read all the helpful dog facts he knows.

Then we entered the new items room. There were outfits for your favorite friends, there was bacon cupcake, a fashionable bow tie, wait...Bacon cupcakes? Pocket they have bacon cupcakes. Num. Num. Num.

We then entered the shop proper and found some wonderful shampoo and an antique dog chair. When no one was looking we lied down on it. Score!

Next we went to the accessory room where we snatched ourselves a couple of Batman decals and chased each other around the room until one of the clerks gave us a stern look and we put them back To get our revenge we hid all the spray stuff that makes stuff taste bad.

There are a lot of cool stuff in the apparel room. Fancy wear and sportswear. Both Ralph, Pocket and I are Red Sox fans, and there was lots of Sox stuff because no one else wants it.

Then we caught a whiff of smell from the bakery. Our ears and tails both arose. We turned and followed the wonderful aroma until we reached the bakery. It was heaven on display. A blue sprinkle cupcake, a doggie donut, a giant snickerdoodle and a pink dipped cupcake. It was all so good. We tried to sneak back and sleep on the antique chair but they wouldn’t let us. So we went into the consignment shop. There was only a Teddy Bear Hoodie in there now, more stuff was coming, but it was a nice place to sleep off a meal.

When we awoke we were hungry again. Being dogs we are always hungry when we are awake. The next room was the dining room. I had a lovely Carob Truffle while Pocket enjoyed a good dog candy bar, which is as close to being a good dog as Pocket is going to get.

After a huge meal like that we needed to work of the extra pounds so we went to the playroom. I picked out a cute doggy froggy toy because I am a plush toy kind of girl. Pocket grabbed a New York Yankee plush bat which she ripped apart because, if you can’t beat them, rip apart their plush toys.

After playing more sleep was in order. Pocket and I found Beverly Hills beds, Mine was black and white and Pocket’s was pink and white. The price tag was $1,600 but we promised to be careful. How much trouble could we get into sleeping? Pocket peed the bed and we had to hightail it out of there.

We ran into the spa. Oh what wonderful things we found here. There were lovely shampoos that smelled so pretty. I grabbed a bottle of paw rub and itchin’ for relief to get rid of those annoying scratchy spots. Pocket found a Yorkie splash and shine set. Splashing and shining? Now that is living the dream.

Ralph has a lovely assortment of travel items but Pocket and I are all set with our special car seats. On the way out the door was the walking apparel room. I found a lovely crystal dog leash while Pocket went with a mod leash.

I highly recommend going to Ralph’s, there is something there for everyone and you will leave happy. But I advise you not to do what we did, take Mommy’s credit card without telling her.

Oh well, $1,600 dog bed, it was great to sleep on your for a night

For the record Pocket and I give Ralph’s store eight paws up.


  1. you are lucky to have such a cool store..and it even had air conditioning!
    Benny & Lily

  2. BACON CUPCAKES?! That sounds like absolutely amazing. What a great store!


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