Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gardening With Foley and Pocket

Spring is here in the land of the Prunes and it is time for the zombies to come wobbling out of their homes and work on their gardens. Pocket and I take great pride in our gardens. But, while Mommy and Daddy are hard working, they don’t have the artistic eye that Pocket and I were blessed with. There is only solution to this. We were going to have to oversee their work.

I know many of our friends have to do the same for their humans. But Pocket and I are clean, delicate, and precious. We can’t be expected to curl up on the grass or (gasp!) the dirt to manage our people. So we are placed in our navy blue stroller to protect us from bugs, the sun, basically nature itself. From our perch we oversee.

(History of the blue stroller: Year ago my sister Copper at the Bridge and I were riding in a carriage in Mystic Connecticut. In the middle of the sidewalk the wheels came off and when the wheels came off the handles collapsed and when the handles collapse the carriage part collapsed and when the carriage part collapsed the zipper let go and when the zipper let go Copper and I found ourselves standing on the sidewalk with no leash in Mystic Connecticut. Mommy and Daddy scooped us up from the mean streets of Mystic Connecticut. Daddy tried to shove the entire carriage into one of those street trash receptacles leaving most of it hanging in the street. With Mommy holding me and Daddy holding Copper on a sweltering hot July day, and Copper being a rather long and thick Yorkie, they fought their way through the tourists and fishermen looking for a reality show and found a small dog accessory store. In that store we found the blue stroller and Copper and I were safely wheeled through the streets. And not to speak ill of the Bridged but Copper took up a lot of that stroller.)

Now, back to gardening. Pocket and I sit in the stroller. We looked at the gardens and told Mommy they were not symmetrical. I watched them remove grass and sod, telling them a little more this way and then that. I know they were getting annoyed but I’m an anal retentive Yorkie.

Then Daddy went to mow and Mommy began spreading mulch. I was in charge of the mulching and Pocket was in charge of the mowing. According to Pocket being in charge of the mowing meant whining whenever Daddy was out of sight causing him to come running back. I kept an eye on Daddy because I can not have any lawn clippings left over because they get between my paws and are wicked annoying.

At one point Mommy and Daddy thought they could sit down in the lawn chairs and rest but we put a stop to that. We both whined and scratched at the netting on the side of our carriage until they could not stand the noise and were afraid we’d rip the netting got back to work.

The lawn was cut, the gardens symmetrical, and the mulch spread. It was a nice start on our gardens and we decided that Mommy and Daddy could stop for the day.

We sent Mommy in to take a well deserved shower. But there was no such luck for Daddy. Like the old dowagers of Newport, it was now time for Pocket and I to go on our carriage ride around the village so the people could see us. As Daddy pushed out the Pruned came out of their homes to waive their handkerchiefs and blow us kisses.

When we got back home, since Daddy did such a good job on the lawn and taking us on our tour we let him shower inside.

When you’re the overseers you have to give your workers some perks now and then.

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