Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jasper and Gypsy Dawn are our October 21, 2012 Pups of the Week (With a Special Mention for a Little Bird)

Today we bark about two dogs who went from homeless to forever homes, two sets of packs very lucky to have special additions, and one special friend whose house has become a little less lively without the sweet tweets of a beloved friend.

The first is a white pup named Jasper.  Jasper was a pup of the streets.  Someone had placed him in the night drop box at the Salinas Animal Shelter.  Oh how frightening that must have been for this poor baby.  It is possible that whoever found him had seen him struck by a car.  He was not using his front right leg.  But the dogtors checked him out and luckily found no broken bones.  They did find that he had stickers in his paws, infections in his ears, and poor Jasper was womiting.  The dogtors fixed him up real nice and he was sent to the Animal Friends Rescue Program.

Jasper had a hard time finding a foster family and was placed in a pet boarding facility near the adoption center.  After six months Jasper still had not decided on a forever home.  He was very particular and wanted the right family.

Meanwhile the right family were sitting at their computer looking at available dogs. When the Mom saw Jasper she knew she had to make him part of her pack.  She showed it to the Dad and he agreed.  They called the woman, Sue, who had helped them adopt Whiskey and Blue.  That is right.  By waiting Jasper had hit the jackpot as the Gustavon pack, with Whiskey, Blue, Chappy and Angel 12 and Angel Fuzzy Bacon, had picked up his scent.  

Whiskey went with his Mom and Dad as a representative of the dog wing of the pack to meet with Jasper.  When Jasper saw them he was so happy the right family had found him that he bounded over to them.  Mom and Dad could see in Jasper’s eyes that he had chosen them, and, after some paperwork, Jasper’s dream had come true, he is the newest member of one of our favorite packs.  

Knowing he was where he watned to be Jasper began to act appropriately.  He went with Mom on a bike ride attached to the Walky Dog.  He knew not to have an accident on the floor and slept in his crate without making a peep.  He didn’t jump for attention.  He has great teachers in his parents and great dogs to learn from in Chappy, Whiskey and Blue, even if Blue is a little jealous of the new guy.
The next pup we would like to honor was, ten days ago, dumped, along with two siblings, on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere.  They were found by a mail carrier who took them with her and began to find homes for them.  Our friend Ginger Dash’s Mom saw one of them and fell in love.  She gave her the beautiful name Gypsy Dawn.  She has already taken to being dressed up.  What a lucky dog Gypsy Dawn is, from a box on the side of the road to a fashionista pup in just ten days.  A big tip of the tail to Ginger and her family for giving Gypsy Dawn a home.  And a big tip of the tail to Gypsy for fitting in her forever home so well.

I hate to end on a sad note but I must mention our friend Leo, who lost a member of his pack, their beloved bird Tiki who kept his Dad company in his office.   Leo’s house is much quieter now and we pray for Leo’s pack and Tiki’s safe flight to the Bridge.

So here is to two pups who found their forever home, and a bird who is in her final home forever.


  1. We're so happy those pups have found their forever homes after such hard beginnings.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We're sorry for the birdie's peeps who are sad.

  2. Two lovely stories. We wish them well. We too wish Tiki safe light to the bridge. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Aw, sad but happy endings...hope they have long happy lives now!

  4. Finding loving forever homes are the BEST!

  5. They look like sweet dogs, I hope they'll be happy!