Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Back in my day we weren't afraid of a little snow by Foley Monster

          I am ashamed of my sisters.  We get a few feet of snow and suddenly they can’t go outside.  Back in my day I used to go out in snow ten times over my head in temperatures 30 below zero and I was glad!  Glad I say!  Dogs today are pussified.
          When I was a young pup we lived across the street from the state mental hospital.  My sister Blake and I would get walks every day, even in the snow.  Mommy was working then and we were crated all day so our parents thought it was important to get our energy out via walks.       
           But we couldn’t walk on the sidewalks.  Mommy didn’t want our paws damaged from rock salt or our under carriages covered with sand.  So we walked around the softball field on the outer limits of the mental hospital.  We didn’t question who would give mental patients bats and hard balls to play with, just as the mental patients didn’t ask why seemingly normal thinking adults would walk their dogs around the perimeter of a snow covered diamond.
          I was light enough to pretty much walk right on top of the frozen crust.  Blake was twice my size and would often sink to her knees but still managed for force her way through the snow.  Mommy and Daddy would sink a foot in the snow and clomp their way through the high snow like World War II Russian soldiers walking guard duty in Stalingrad, inexplicably doing so with two lap dogs.
          We did our business, and my parents even dug down in the snow to clean it up.  One day I finished my business and the scooted my burning butt on the cold snow.  Oh that felt nice.  But it left a brown streak on the snow and the next day I got taken to a vet.  The only thing wrong was my anal glands felt the need to express themselves.
          And the next night I was back out, in the cold and the snow, like a real dog.  Not the pussified dogs we have now.  Someone get me a can of moxie and my pipe.  Gunsmoke is on. 
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  1. Do you know what you get from sitting on the snow too long?
    Polaroids! Yep snow in Cincinnati has a layer of ice on top so most f time I can stay on top but when I break that layer with one or all of my legs it is a struggle to get going again.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Sounds cold to us! We've never seen snow.

  3. Yeah ...... it snowed at my beach the other day. I played in it. I'm not a wuss like some dogs, aye??

  4. Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay safe and warm.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Snort, snicker, smile..... We can't get the thought out of our head about the ball and bat's at the mental hospital!

    Thankfully, we've not seen snow in 3 years!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. We love snow, its our lazy mom who stays inside, our dad is even lazier and the grandmonsters live to far to run over and walk us, so instead we have lots of pent up energy at night and mom wonders why we fight.....humans can be rather stooped at times....stella rose

  7. WE are glad that SOMEBUDDY likes Snow... We surely don't... We go out fur 87 seconds and our feets are FREEZING COLD...

  8. We do love the snow and love playing in it!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley