Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pocket Tries To Get Some Indoor Exercise

            River and I have accepted the sad fact that we are never going on a walk again.  Winter is here to stay.  But we still need our exercise so we have invented in door games to keep us fit.
            One of our favorite games is to sit by the window and watch Daddy shoveling.  It is exhausting.  We bet on when he will collapse.  The last storm River pointed the computer out the window, turned on the camera, and we began taking action across the country.  It was like watching the Super Bowl, a slip there, a stumble here, our hearts were racing.  Congratulations to everyone who had at the end of the driveway by the big drift.  The thrill of money changing hands and the close finish was exhilarating.
            But Daddy can only shovel after it snows which has been every three days this February so we need to find other ways to occupy ourselves.  I have my red ball that I chase, but it is barely red anymore.  It looks like a man with a comb over in a wind storm.  Sometimes River chases it too but she prefers chasing stuffies.  We need someone to throw them and we usually rely on Daddy and he doesn’t throw well while he is getting CPR. 
            There are other fun games we play.  We like to wrestle, especially in bed.  We roll each other over, bite one another, lick one another, even in our private parts.  I mean the bed is there and someone should be using it for that.  Our parents certainly don’t.  Then there is furniture skipping.  Jumping from recliner to recliner to the love seat and back.  This usually lasts until River forgets that the love seat is not a pee pad.
            We have also picked up our game at leaping from our parents’ laps and running wildly to the door barking our heads off at the slightest sound. It’s good for the cardio/vascular system.  And we have picked up our food begging at the table.  We even do some leaping with just our hind legs which is great exercise but somewhat diminished since we end up getting food for it.
            I don’t know what new games we can come up with now that we can never walk again, unless all this snow melts.
            You don’t see that happening do you?


  1. Ya are makin me very glad I don't live in Bawston anymore. Yikes!

  2. We have been watching that snow on the news! Don't go out in it, you two will get LOST...sounds like you've invented some great indoor exercises.

  3. Crikey ...... that's a lot of snow. You're right ...... you'll probably NEVER go for a walk ever again. Keep up the indoor activities, aye??

  4. OMD grounded or what? Try not to get cabin fever and have a wonderful Wednesday and stay warm and safe.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Wowzer, that's a lot of snow fur sure!! We love your indoor games and we are going to have to adopt some of them into our indoor routine.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. You could try throwing a sheet out the window and climbing up on the roof and skiing a time or two....my mom says you two sound just like us three only we don't have that amount of snow just that amount of LAZY, mentioning no names here, we have perfected our bark to very high and shrill to the point of bleeding and broken ear drums...we feel our job is done now.
    stella rose

  7. YOU have way MORE snow than WE have.... butt STILL... we don't want to go out into that ... FRIGID Stuffs... We have been suffering from Cabinet Fever... and sort of GROUCHY with each other...
    WHEN will Spring EVER come??????

  8. Thats a lot of snow my friends,,, I hope some new acrivity is born soon