Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lily is our March 29, 2015 Pup of the Week

    Lily.jpgWhen it comes to the health of us precious babies there is no illness or medical procedure that is small.  This week when Lily’s, everyone’s sister and best friend, who I had been jealous of because she had kept her ovaries while mine were discarded like an empty treat package, had those very same ovaries turn on her, causing medical issues, and the ovaries needed to be removed.  I was upset first because I hate when my friends have surgery and second I am now a teenager and like any teenager I get mad when Mom is right.

Things change very quickly here.  All us pup angels were lying on the grass, soaking up the sun, when our prayer phones started chirping, and we were inundated with prayers for Lily.  We all took off, flying the prayers up the mountain, while frantically trying to read the reason for the prayers.   She has to get her lady parts out.  It could be worse:  But truthfully the thought of Lily having any surgery scared the fluff right out of me.

Lily isn’t the pup who should be needing prayers.  She sends prayers, she helps those who are down, she has answers, she makes everyone laugh.  She has never needed prayers. 

She is an invincible little pup so her needing prayers scared me, and when I landed I realized it scared the other angels too.  

 We got together to discuss how to make sure Lily didn’t cross the River of Life.  I suggested blowing up the Bridge but Ladybug said if the Bridge wasn’t there the Big Guy would guide new angels across the River.  I then suggested blowing up the stairs so Lily couldn’t climb them to be sworn in and Ladybug told me the Big Guy would just lift her up.  I  suggested we blow up where I swear pups in and Ladybug put a paw on my shoulder and suggested anger management.

I was angry.  There has been been way too many pups crossing the River and I certainly did not want Lily to be one.  So, instead of blowing something up I decided to go back to my cloud and pray for Lily.

I could hear lots of puppy prayers during Lily’s surgery, both on the mortal .and immortal side of the River of Life.  Thankfully every prayer was answered yes and Lily was brought home the night of her surgery.  

 It was a rough first, as it is for all of us.  The after effects of the anesthesia is a bugger to get past.  And whenever someone sticks a knife in you and remove something it stings a bit.  But Lily is recovering and we pray she continue to do so.

We spend so many time cursing the Big Guy for saying no I must give him credit when he says yes.


  1. We'll keep our paws crossed for Lily, too.

  2. Us too paws crossed real tight.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hopefully all will turn out as well as it did for Angelina Jolie. Paws Crossed
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. We are so glad it turned out so well...ayya!
    stella rose