Sunday, March 15, 2015

Finley and Briscoe are our March 15, 2015 Pups of the Week

Rainbow Bridge is getting filled with my friends.   For every one of them there are broken hearts on the other side of the River.  We carry the weight of those broken hearts with our every step.  We have to find a way to shed that weight for both our parents and ourselves.  Nothing cures a broken heart, and helps us lose that weight, like love.  Nothing cures a broken heart like a new pet.

Recently two of my closest friends passed over the River of Life.  Otis Campbell and Brody were beloved dogs, by their parents and many friends.    They were both the only  dogs in the house.  Their parents were left with the overbearing silence of a missing heartbeat.  From the day they arrived Otis and Brody knew they had to replace the absent heartbeat  

Brody, who is forever watching over his family, wasted little time in accomplishing this feat.  He slipped into the dreams of the woman who helped rescue him and told her that his special Mom needed another dog very quickly.  She had just such a dog.  A beautiful baby named Finley.  She contacted Brody’s Mom and told her she had a dog that she knew Brody’s Mom would love.

Brody’s Mom had become very cautious.  Several unexpected life shattering disasters do that to a soul.  She also has two young children and a cat so a love connection needed to be made with all of them, or at least with the humans.  Sometimes all we can expect from a cat is tolerance.

Initially Finley was called Test Subject, or TS for short.  Brody’s Mom did not know if she could commit to another dog.  “Come on Mom!” Brody yelled while watching her on his TV at Tommy’s mansion, just like he would yell at her to feed him or throw the ball.  “I sent him to you.  Stop worrying and be happy.”

Kids, being kids, and Finley, being a dog, fell in love instantly.  It took a while, and several dream visits from Brody to convince his Mom, and now FInley is home for good, easing the pain from Brody’s Mom’s heart, and the weight from his shoulders.

Otis Campbell loves his Mom very much but when he arrived on the side of the River he was tasked with opening his drug store and ice cream shoppe.  He worked night and day to give us the best treats anywhere at the Bridge.  But during every spare moment he had Otis was looking for a new pup for his family too.

His task was harder than Brody’s.  Otis’ Mom wanted a puppy of a certain size and type.  In between putting sprinkles on ice cream and making milk shakes he was checking everywhere looking for the perfect pup.  When he saw Briscoe he knew this was he had found little Mr. Perfect.  He lead his Mom to Briscoe and his parents were overjoyed to once again find the pup of their dreams.

Brody’s Mom and Otis’ Mom felt guilty that they had fallen in love again,   I ask them both to remember:  This is what your angel babies wanted you to do.  You have helped them complete their last task for you (although they will do many more.)  They know another pup is taking care of your earthly needs.  Now even Otis can sit and enjoy a sundae.

And more good news:  Aran just came flying over.  She thinks she has found the perfect dog for her Mom too.  We are all working to make this happen for her Mom.  Hopefully it will, and Aran’s burden will be eased too.  

; Dear Sweet Mommy:  Pappy is going to do everything short of burning that house down to keep someone from buying it.  He still thinks it should be the Ted Gay Museum but I think the House of the Stupid will make a better name.  And since the appliance he was most concerned with is the sump pump he is now haunting it.
I don’t think we have to worry about going to the Chinaman’s with Samantha.  The next time you go you just tell the Chinaman that Samantha is the famous Lizard Girl.  He won’t want anything to do with her.  Chinamen can only touch Lizards during the year of the Lizard.
So the Delicate Genius is going to work from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturdays?  Oh well that’s just great.   Let’s make sure he gets plenty of sleep.  Never mind our nap time.  He is really burning my tail right now.  You don’t go shopping when he’s working.  You take a nap with me.  Selfish moon faced jerk.
I have to tell you that I admire you and Daddy not getting all worked up about the creepy homeless guy living under the house.  He is quite content there and he leaves in the morning unless it is raining.  It has been months since he has killed a family so I wouldn’t worry about that.
I am going to pray that you have a better day tomorrow but the Delicate Genius is getting a new computer so I am sure he is going to get all worked up and drive the day straight to shit.  Oh well, what can you do?  Remember all your grandbabies and angels love you and miss you but I love you and miss you most of all and I will see you in your dreams.
Love Foley Monster


  1. Those two are my pups of the week too. There is nothing harder for the human left behind than figuring out when and how to find a new dog friend. I lost my Angel K to bone cancer 2.5 years ago, and she sent my new friend, Shyla, pretty darn quickly. I literally received a phone call from the other side of the country saying that there was a dog who needed me - she's now known as Shyla. I have no doubt that my Angel on the bridge played a role in this miracle.

    I'm so glad that your two friends had similar miracles and now have Finley and Briscoe!

  2. We're glad that some new heartbeats have been added to the family. We know some peeps who just won't let any more in. They can't face it.

  3. We hope everything works out. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. How wonderful for these two and the families! Mom is sure that Angel Greta brought Mabel to us. She knew just what mom was looking for.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. yep we believe Zeus our parents well behaved and "normal" dog sent all us pugs to our parents, just to prove what a good doggie he was....stella rose


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