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Our first walk of the year by River Song

Today the most interesting thing happened.  After we got out of bed our harnesses were put on, our leashes were attached to them, our Daddy took the handle of the leash in his hand, and me, Pocket, Mommy and Daddy went outside and Mommy told us we were going on a “walk.”

I vaguely remember a walk from four months ago.  I was pretty sure it happened outside, there were great smells, wonderful people, and I could poop and pee freely.  But it had been months earlier, before winter came with the hundreds of Pockets of snow, the nasty wind, and slippery ice, so I couldn’t be sure.

We started and slowly it all came back to me.  The smell of the ground was amazing.  So many messages from friends who had trekked out before us.   Pocket and I made sure we left lots of messages explaining our absence and saying we were back.   I swear you can communicate more with one pee than a thousand words.

And I remembered the daily struggle, me pulling as hard as my little legs could pull, and Daddy holding both leashes in his hand keeping us next to him as the pressure cut circulation to his fingers.

The grass didn’t tickle my paws, it lay there mushy and lifeless, but with my super-sensitive hearing I listened to it growing under the ground, getting ready to stand up, turn green, and reach for the sun.  And deeper down I could smell the flowers preparing to beautifully pop up.

I was so caught up in everything I forgot to poo.  But I won’t forget tomorrow.

Summers coming and the time is right for walking in the street.  

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  1. Walkies time again! That's wonderful!

  2. Yea for walkie time. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. yep we actually have got to go twice in one week....there is hope yet isn't there!!
    stella rose

  4. It's raining today but at least it'll help the flowers to grow.

  5. YES! there is hope that spring is here!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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