Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two Dogs, One Bladder

I know I have weird sisters.  I had one and recruited a weirder one.  But here is the strangest part of my surviving pack members.  Even though they are not twins, nor from the same litter, they share one bladder.
River almost never pees.  She gets up in the morning and goes outside, sniffs the ground, sniffs the air, looks around, sits down, chews her paw, rolls on her back, looks at the sun, and then Daddy yells at her to pee.  River tells him she has performance anxiety and can’t pee under pressure.  Five or ten minutes later she squirts out a bit.  If it is raining and she is left to go on her pee pads inside she can take up to an hour to pee.
Pocket wakes up and is brought outside to pee first.  She comes back in and River goes out.  Then Pocket goes back out and pees.  She comes in, Mommy showers, Daddy plays ball with Pocket, and Pocket gets excited and pees, sometimes on the pad, and sometimes not on the pad.  Then Daddy showers, and when he is done he takes Pocket out and she pees.  Then after breakfast he takes Pocket out and she pees.
During the day Pocket will pee three or four more times before supper.  Just before supper River will got out for her second pee on the day.  During the evening Pocket will pee three more times before bed while River will have one more pee after playing with her treat ball.  That is 12 Pocket pees to 3 River pees
So the answer is obvious.  Somehow my sisters are sharing one bladder and Pocket, being the more generous of the two, is the one who pees more often.  How else could you explain such a thing?  So it any dogs don’t want to pee send a note to Pocket.  She loves it


  1. Very interesting! You know Greta would take FOREVER to pee, any little distraction and the whole sniff around for the perfect spot would start all over. Thank goodness Mabel is a fast pee-er!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. Seems to me you should have called River, Pocket and Pocket River, aye?? I don't pee much but when I do it can take forever. It just keeps coming and coming. Mum sometimes thinks I'm NEVER going to finish. I start off with the leg cock but have to finish with a squat. It's hard being on just 3 legs for too long.

  3. I pee all da time - everytime I go out, firstest thing.

  4. Me when needed and quick and then back to hunting. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We usually leave pee-mail all over the place.....outside!

  6. BOL. Ruby doesn't have any problem peeing and Angel Pip was the pee pad king!

  7. Probably Pocket has the most to say in her pee-mail.

  8. That is so strange....at our house, I pee outside and then come in and try to tear up the pee pads, gussie always goes outside and pees but always poops on the pee pads, and Maggie doesn't really care, sometimes it outside, sometimes its peepads...sometimes it is our bed...she can be hateful at times.
    stella rose

  9. I am attempting to pee on every bush in the neighborhood which is sorta hard as I'm a girl and my aim is off. I want everyone to know I have a new furever home here.

    Abby the Lab


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