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Sumthin' under the house by Pocket Dog

There is something under the house and I don’t like it. 

Sunday night I caught the whiff of something rotten, then my super sensitive hearing picked up the sound of something scratching.  I immediately ran over to a floor vent in the kitchen.  I stuck my nose down there and picked up the scent of vermin.  I barked to alert my family that we had an intruder under the house.

I did not get the warranted response of concern and action.  What I got was to be told to sit down and be quiet.  “But people!  There is a vermin under the house!”

Mommy continued to ignore me but Daddy became intrigued.  He joined me in the kitchen.  He removed the grate, bent down and sniffed.  Oh Daddy!  You need a super sensitive nose to smell anything.  Then he put his ear near the grate.  I was so afraid that the vermin would spring up and bite him and Daddy would have a mouse earring for the rest of his life.  But luckily the vermin had a better sniffer than Daddy.

Daddy went back to his chair to watch zombies.  I stayed over the grate staring down at it.  If this vermin showed its face I would act like a true Yorkie and run like hell barking for someone bigger than me to do something. 

Daddy told me he would go under the house in the morning and see what was bothering me.  Mommy rolled her eyes and shook her head.  She knew that’s how the wicked witch died.  House landing.  I told Daddy I would go with him but he told me it was all right he would do it himself which I was really happy about because I was lying my stubby tail off. 

The next morning he went under the house and looked around.  He didn’t see anything but is counting on my sniffer and ears to see if anything comes back.

I am not sure if there was anything there or if I was just imagining it but I like to see how far I can push Daddy.  I am going to start barking at the skylight to see if I can get him on the roof.

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  1. Well......we're sure there was something. Your daddy just gave it time to move on. Obviously knew there was a terrier on it's trail!

  2. Yep we agree and LOL at the skylight. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh yeah--there was somethin' under there. Nothing is better than our sniffers and ears---the critter was scared and ran off. You saved your family!

  4. That dang varmin! He was playing games with you!

  5. You must have scared it off, good for you
    Mr bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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