Sunday, March 22, 2015

Max is our March 22 2015 Pup of the week


Some long time readers may have heard me tell tale of Daddy’s Aunt Bev.  When Mommy and Daddy were first married Daddy wanted a dog.  Mommy was reluctant.  One Saturday afternoon Mommy mentioned she might like a small dog.  Daddy knew his Aunt Bev had small dogs her whole life, and knew Mommy respected Aunt Bev’s opinion a great deal, so he hurried Mommy over to the house Aunt Bev shared with Uncle Bob.  Aunt Bev explained to Mom how wonderful a little dog could be, and that they were virtually no work.  Yes, she lied.  But she did so because she knew her nephew wanted a dog and that Mommy would be a great dog lover, and she was right.Aunt Bev and Uncle Bob    no longer had a dog.  They were at an age when they knew the dog would outlive them, and they were right.  But we will always owe our lives and happiness to Aunt Bev and Uncle Bob and they have a special spot here on the immortal side of the River of Life.

Angel Ladybug, and our newest angel Max have parents who remind me of our Aunt Bev and Uncle Bob very much:  They are kind, generous people in their golden years who have always had a place in their hearts for wonderful dogs.

Because of this profound faith Ladybug, after crossing the River of Life, was awarded with the job of fitting the new angels with their wings and teaching them how to fly.  Meanwhile her parents were not looking for a new dog, but a series of unfortunate events caused their daughter to move in with them, and when she moved in her dog Max came with her.

Max’s grandparents fell in love with this sweet, caring, low key, little gentleman.  Their home was filled with a dog’s heartbeat once again, and that sound made their home come alive.  When their daughter was ready to move out but had to leave Max behind she knew that Max was in the best of hands.

Max didn’t just bring a calm demeanor and deep loving eyes, he brought a sense of joy and comfort.  No matter how many times the bad news rolled in there was Max, telling his grandparents it would be all right.  While the scars of Ladybug’s passing were still there Max eased their pain as all new dogs do.

But what happens when the dog who healed the scars crosses the River of Life too?   That happened this week.  Sweet Max quickly took ill, and before the thought of losing him could be properly digested by his grandparents he was gone.

When he arrived Max was treated like a prince.  I did my duties, and passed him off to Ladybug who took him into her loving wings  She told him he could have anything he wanted.  He was at the place where all wishes come true.  But all Max wanted was a place in the sun to be warm and at peace.  And so many young pups, who never knew calm, peace, and love, joined him each day, snuggling with him and enjoying his greatest gift, the gift of love.

On Sunday morning Max joined Ladybug at the Cathedral and sat dutifully at her right paw as she told young pups and old how faith, love and belief had brought us all here, and how it will sustain us until the day that we are with our human families again.

As for Max’s grandparents who are once again going through one of life’s most painful losses, they know they are lucky, even if they don’t feel it right now, because they can hear Ladybug’s preaching, and feel Max’s presence through their strong faith, and when that presence reaches across the River of Life to touch the souls on the other side it eases the wicked pain..

I do hope that faith helps Max and Ladybug’s parents.  And if it does I hope more of our parents find it.  


  1. We too hope faith helps them as well. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We hope the very same thing.
    stella rose

  3. We are with you on that!
    Mr bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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