Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mouse if our March 1, 2015 Pup of the Week

            It has been a long difficult winter for all of us, but no one has had it harder, or faced longer days, than our friends the Min Pin Gang and their sister Mouse.
            It began with her parents going their separate ways, the Gang getting divided, and her sister Crickette Anne joined me at the Bridge.   Mouse’s Mom moved in with her sister, and her fellow pup Scooter.  As soon as they settled in her Mom began to notice that Mouse was not feeling well.
            Mouse’s tests came back showing acidities and crystals in her urine.  Also her liver enzymes were elevated.  Scooter’s thyroid readings were very low but Scooter’s road to recovery was a lot smoother than Mouse’s would be.  Mouse’s Mom talked to the vet they saw before they moved and she told Mouse’s Mom that both pups should have fasted before their blood tests which meant they had to be tested again, and the expenses would grow.
            Mouse also developed a terrible case of reverse sneezing.  I went through the same thing when I was on the mortal side of the Bridge.  My reverse sneezing greatly scared my Mom.  River does it sometimes too.  It is very frightening because our parents don’t know if we will ever breathe correctly.  
            The vet who took the new blood test after fasting called to say that both dogs’ blood levels were better after fasting and we hoped Mouse’s health problems were ending but they were just beginning.
            The reverse sneezing and coughing she was doing was not getting any better.  And there were no answers.  Mouse was put on antibiotics when it continued for more than a week. 
            Mouse’s Mom took her to another vet.  This vet told her that Mouse was congested in her nose and he gave her more medicine to try and clear that up.  More days passed and Mouse still was not improving.  The vet became worried that it was more than just reverse sneezing and that Mouse may have contracted something viral that could lead to pneumonia.
            The coughing and sneezing worsened.  X-rays of the trachea were needed.  Mouse’s Mom’s sources of income were rapidly dwindling but she could not give up on her baby.  None of us parents could.  But for Mouse’s Mom she was spending her last dollar, and then more.
            The x-rays showed the heart was enlarged but not to worry, it was only a sign of aging.  The trachea showed no signs of collapsing.  He did say that Mouse was suffering from bronchitis.  Mouse got more medicine and if she did not improve they would do further testing to find out if there was something else wrong.
            Then Mouse began showing neurological problems.  She began to have problems walking and she was whimpering in pain.  Another expensive trip to the vet was in order.  The vet took a full body x-ray.  To add to all her other problems Mouse had a slipped disk in her neck.  The vet was not sure why it occurred but it was possible it happened during the reverse sneezing.  Poor Mouse.  One problem causes an expensive other which cost an expensive other. 
            Even more concerning was that the scan showed Mouse’s liver was enlarged.  While her levels had proven to be good on the second blood test if there was a growth on the liver her numbers would still be normal.  An expensive ultra sound was ordered.  And worse than the money was the fear what that ultra sound might show.
            Mouse’s Mom talked to the vet who would be doing the ultra sound and he suggested they wait until the bronchitis was cleared up and the slipped disk was healed so there would be no complications with the anesthesia.  While Mouse’s Mom wanted to know what was wrong with her she welcomed the break from the constant testing.
            Slowly Mouse was improving but not without continued problems.  Her neck hurt which made it difficult for her to eat.  And the vet wanted to do more expensive tests, among them a clotting test and another blood panel.  From reverse sneezing, disorientation, and liver levels the worry now was not eating and a growth on her liver.  Mouse’s Mom was particularly concerned with him not eating.
            On the 23rd Mouse, Scooter and their family spent their entire day at the vet.  While the liver was enlarged it was still in the same shape which meant that it was unlikely that there were any tumors.  The enlarged liver and pancreas could both be treated pharmaceutically. 
            So after all this, and many vet bills and visits it does look like Mouse is on the road to recovery.  She has her appetite back and is moving better.  But in a few weeks she will be headed back to the vet for who knows how many visits.  Mouse’s Mom could use some recovering too because she has driven herself deep into debt trying to help her baby.
            There has been a chip in set up for his Mom if you can help.  It is HERE.  We understand if you can’t.  Money is tight now.  But prayers aren’t.  So please keep Mouse in your prayers


  1. Poor Mouse! Hope he feels better soon and sending much strength and support to his mom!

  2. Angel Pip's comment "Poor Mouse" seems it is true in more ways than one. We do pray Mouse feels better soon. That heat thingy I have one of those. It makes my legs feel better.
    Sweet William The Scot