Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pocket Dog / Alpha Dog? by River Song

The darndest things happen when you’re not paying attention.

Just short of two years ago I strolled into my new home.  I was immediately loved by my Mommy and Daddy and could do no wrong.  There was also another dog here:  Pocket.  She was five years old and had spent years happily living as Beta dog to the ultimate Alpha dog:   Foley Monster.

I found Pocket to be a very nervous dog.  She was still affected from losing Foley.  I am not proud of myself but I used these two factors, plus my own experience of being in  house full of dogs in Florida, to immediately take over as the Alpha dog.  Given my height and weight advantage, and Pocket being timid, I had little worry that I would lose my position.

Pocket never showed any interest in being the Alpha dog.  When she was sitting on Mommy’s lap and I wanted to sit there I would stare at her until she moved.  If she infringed on my territory I would knock her over and snap at her throat.  

Occasionally, when I was being picked up and helpless Pocket would make a move against me, snapping from below, but outside of that she did little to try and usurp my authority.

But lately Pocket has been giving off a vibe.  We will be eating and I will hear her voice in my head, first whispering at me to stop eating while she was eating, then talking louder, and finally shouting at me until I stop eating.  When I do I look over at Pocket and she is quietly eating.

After our walks, when we go in the house, I hear Pocket’s voice saying “Me first,” and I let her go.  The same thing happens with the water dish.  To the rest of the world she is still meek little Pocket but all the time I thought she was napping she was mastering mind control and she has used it to usurp me.

Now, when we eat sometimes I eat my food right away, and sometimes, just before we eat, I get a look from Pocket and I won’t eat until she is done no matter how much my parents encourage me.  When Pocket is taken outside to do her business I eat.  

I don’t know how, might be some Yorkie voodoo, but Pocket is in my head, and has taken over the role as Alpha Dog.  

I think I am going to need therapy to get on top again.


  1. I know all about "those looks"... The cats give me those looks..
    I hope the therapy works, if you need it

  2. Sounds like some powerful voodoo to me.

  3. It's those quiet ones you have to watch.....just sayin'.

  4. Oh NOSE...poor River! I think Foley has taken over Pocket's body and is coming back into power! Just sayin'

    Hap-Pee Weekend!

  5. WeLL at our house it is crazy....I should be the Alpha dog cos I was there first and am older and more beautiful but somehow mean Maggie has taken that role, and she sheep herds me around the house like I was blind or something (just a little joke on my part)...and gussie well he just wants us all to get along....sometimes we get in knock down fights, that sets the whole household on its ear, we kiss and make up pretty fast though, until the next time.....maybe I should check the toybox for a small doll wif pins in it that looks like me??
    stella rose

  6. Yorkie voodoo is definitely a thing. Like Poodle voodoo only not as hostile.

  7. Yup, those quiet little ones can get into your head and start controlling you. Stay alert!


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