Sunday, June 14, 2015

Logan is our June 14, 2015 Pup of the Week


Last weekend our wonderful human friend Aunt Wendy went for a walk with her three Labbies while her realtor showed Aunt Wendy’s hard to sell house.  When she returned back home the Lab Pack had lost one member.

The reason makes no sense whatsoever.  The three Labs:  Dodger, Raja and Logan all went on the same walk on a 75 degree day.  But during the walk Logan began to pant and show signs of heat exhaustion then collapsed.

He was rushed to the vet who suspected heat stroke.  The vet did everything he could for Logan but he could not be saved.  He crossed over to the Bridge and the Lab pack was two.

Logan did not realize what had happened when he arrived.  He was`taking a beautiful walk with his family, and then he was walking on his own, still in a beautiful place.  It was sad to see him look at his angel friends, and slowly realize what had happened, until he saw his sister Angel Reba and ran into her waiting paws.

All our angel friends gathered around Logan to comfort him.  I should have joined them but I kept thinking:  All he did was go for a walk.  Blazer and Simon saw the look in my eye, knew what I was going to do, and counseled me not to, but everyone knows what a determined Yorkie I am when I want to be.  I pushed over with my stubby back paws, fluttered my wings and headed up the mountain to confront the Big Guy.

I walked right into his office.  He was sitting at his desk with his back turned to me writing.  Always writing.  I was going to stamp my paw, my usual signal that I was there, and steamed but before I could stamp the Big Guy asked “Yes Foley?” like he had some sort of second sight.

“You know,” I said.  “Logan, went out for a walk with his family and now he’s here.  We can’t go for walks now?”

“It was hot,” he said.

“It wasn’t that hot!” I barked.  “There were two other dogs with him who were fine.  It makes no sense.”

“Passing over never does,” he said.  “Not for the young, the old, the healthy, the sick.  No one.  Especially for the loved ones left behind.  And remember not to always accept the easiest answer.  Logan may have been sick before he went on that walk.  He could have just passed over lying on that couch, nothing is known.  Why did this happen?  What will the future bring?  All unknown”   He then moved his hand dismissing me.  But I didn’t move.  I still had questions.  And I was not satisfied with his answers.  I began to speak when he flicked his hand again and thrust me off his mountain.

I landed back with my friends.  Logan and Reba were running in the hills together.  When they were done they went to watch over their Mom.

A few days later Brody, a poodle lab mix, who had lost his house, was made an official member of the Lab pack.  I started to think that Logan was brought to the Bridge so Brody could share the love that Logan got, or that Logan decided to go to the Bridge so Brody could know his Mom’s love.

And then I realized the Big Guy was right.  We really don’t know why things happen.  We just have to be like the Labbie’s Mom Aunt Wendy:  Grieve the bad, celebrate the good, and weather the storms, because we never know what is going to happen next we just have to know we will be prepared.


  1. So sad.... But sometimes we just don't know why things happen.

  2. Oh so sad for Logan but happy for Brody ...

  3. Yet another reason to always live each and every day we have to the fullest...

  4. I see the writing and I am trying to live each day to the fullest
    Praying for all the good to come to all.

  5. I see the writing and I am trying to live each day to the fullest
    Praying for all the good to come to all.

  6. It is so hard to try to understand why these things happen, that I think sometimes we shouldn't even try. Mom loves me so much but it makes her sad that Greta had to leave for me to be with her. It makes her heart hurt and sing at the same time. It is beautiful that Brody got a new home to fill the void left by Logan
    Bailey & Hazel too

  7. We are just shaking our heads today, cos our hearts are so heavy, and no words are coming out of our throats....stella rose

  8. I try and try to figure things out,, and just can't.

  9. So sad, but you're right...we just never know.

  10. You just never know so we have to live life for each day that comes and eat as many treats as we can! Big blog hugs to Logan's Mom Aunt Wendy!!

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  11. What a sad situation for the family.

  12. It is so sad and sometimes it's so hard to understand why.... :(



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