Sunday, June 21, 2015

Reyah is our June 21, 2015 Pup of the Week


My good friend Blazer’s Mom has spoken to him every day since he came to the Bridge and she tells him the same thing at the conclusion of their talks:  She only wants one more day with him.  If you asked every pup at the Bridge they would agree:  All their parents want is one more day.

But the thing about one more day is that it never arrives.  Today is today and the next day is the one more day.  So we keep reaching for something that is never going to come.

Except for one dog…….

More than a month ago Reyah’s Mom got the call from the vet that every Mom dreads.  They had done all they could for Reyah, it was time for her to go to the Bridge.  But Reyah was one of those rare dogs like Angel Willie.  Reyah said no, she would not go.  When her Mom arrived at the vet ready to aid her crossing over the vets had changed their mind.  Instead of helping Reyah pass over Reyah was allowed to go home.  According to the vets she had rallied but we knew different.  She had said no.  Because she wanted one day more with her Mom.

Reyah was still a very sick girl but one more day became another day, and then another day, and then another week, and we began to do what we do; we began to take those days for granted.  Even when Reyah needed an operation we believed she would have lots of other days.

And that is when her days ran out.  Reyah had fought off the Bridge’s call and kept her heart beating as long as she could.  We all have a last day and Reyah’s had come.  Her Mom went to the vet and this time she didn’t bring Reyah home.  She sent her to her final home.

And now she is heartbroken, and Reyah is too, although they are both grateful for their extra days.  But one more day never comes.  It’s only either yesterday or today.  

One more day is always elusive.


  1. So true. Maybe we should treat every day as that one more day...

  2. We agree - treat every day as that one more day - fill it with love
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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