Thursday, June 11, 2015

We Saw a Dinosaur

Today River and I saw something on our walk we never thought we ever would see:  A dinosaur.  A dinosaur under shell.  And it kind of freaked us out.

At the start of our walks River and I are full of energy.  We pull on our leash, we pee every few steps, we bark loudly at anything that moves, very loudly at the houses that contain dogs, and ear shattering loudly when we see a human.

We keep this up for about half our walk.  Then we get tired, especially on a humid day like today.  After this we don’t bark so much anymore.  Even when we see a human walking on our street.

We were on our way back: Hot, tired and panting , when we saw the dinosaur.  It was disgusting.  It had a green head with yellow eyes.  The head was connected to a long neck that stretched a foot towards us and then a bright red tongue flicked out at us.  It was the longest tongue I have ever seen.  And I lived with Foley for five years.

And it’s entire body was covered by a shell.  When Daddy saw it he stopped walking.  Apparently someone has never seen Jurassic Park.  River and I both turned our barkers on and we began barking at that thing and it slowly moved across the road until it disappeared in the high grass.  Thank the Angels.

After we were done chasing the prehistoric demon off Daddy told us we were good girls.  We thought we were good girls for saving him from being snapped up but apparently we were good girls for saving the disgusting lizard even though we had no such intention.  He told us a car could have run over the beast and by making it go into the grass we saved it.  But what about the next person or dog that dinosaur eats?  Oh I can’t live with this on my conscious.

There was a woman watching from her driveway.  She owns the dog who looks like Tanner Bub.  She was watching over the hunched back lizard too. (Then why did we have to get involved?)  She says it has lived by the brook for a long time (obviously this woman does not know the constant danger she has been living near) and had laid her eggs.  (Great more of the little beasts.)

So here we are.  River and I.  Real heroes.  Please forgive us when this thing grows up and eats Tokyo 


  1. Just as long as it don't come eat Texas.

  2. That was heroic. Sometimes we just aren't appreciated. Bet it would have been a different story if it had bitten your Dad's leg off or something. We're always hunting, but we've never found anything that interesting....a!

  3. OMD......Better start sleeping with one eye open, guys!

  4. Well you are heros either way!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. We have lots of dinosaurs here. We wonder if they are the same as yours?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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