Sunday, July 26, 2015

A cat named Scamper is our July 26, 2015 Pup of the Week

Sometimes, as I watch humans from my fine abode at Rainbow Bridge, I see some extraordinary things.

We all know that pets and elderly people, especially those who live alone, become very close  At a Petco by my parents house there was a cat, named Scamper, in a soft travel bag in the carriage.  His parent, a 75 year old woman, told another customer that she had lost her daughter earlier in the year and her cat meant everything to her.  Later she opened the travel bag so two children could pet her cat.  And then she forgot to zip it.

She was at the register when the doors opened and spooked Scamper who jumped out of the bag and the carriage then ran out of the store.  His elderly mother cried out and ran after her baby, followed by the cashier, several associates, the manager, people from the grooming salon, and even customers.  

Scamper ran down a bush covered knoll on the west side of the store.  His Mom tripped over the curbing and fell face first and then flipped down the hill.  The manager went to the woman.  Scamper then ran towards the south across a busy road and into bushes followed by a group of customers, male and female, young and old, dark and light skinned.  People may not be able to agree on much but these people all agreed this kitty needed saving.

But Scamper wanted no part of being saved.   When he saw the people coming for him he came out of the  bushes and crossed the busy street again.  Someone shouted for the cars to stop and they slowed down enough for the cat to cross the street.  He ran towards a group of young women who tried to grab him but he ran past them and towards a parked car.

One man ran to the east side of the car and put his hand under it.  Two more men got on the north and west side with their arms stretched out as the Scamper sat hissing.  The manon the north side was able to grab Scamper by the scruff and pulled him out as the cat’s Mom cried in joy.  The manager checked Scamper over and then got him back in the carrier as the woman tried to thank the dozen people who had searched for her cat.

The woman was brought over to her car.  The manager got some supplies to clean the woman’s bloody leg.  Another man stayed with her.  The only thing he knows about medicine comes from watching Deadliest Catch.  He asked her to move her fingers and she couldn’t.  He noticed her wrist was beginning the swell.  The manager came back out and together the man and the manager tried to get her to go to the hospital.  But she had no family, no friends, just her cat, and all she wanted to do was go home.  So they got her in her car and made sure she got out of the parking lot.

This made me realize there is hope for you humans yet.  The way all those humans came together to help put that scared kitty back with his frightened Mom was a beautiful thing.  I know there a lots of things that make humans fight, but it does my angel heart good to see all that can be put aside to reunite a scared cat and a scare Mom.

A tip of my tail to everyone involved.


  1. This such a lovely story of hope. There are good people in the world - sometimes with all the bad, it is easy to forgot that. Thanks for reminding us!

  2. How wonderful people helped reunite the kitty with his momma. Bravo to them all!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. A heart warming story. We're so happy there were many helpers and a happy ending.

  4. Stories like that never get on the six o'clock news so we sometimes think they never happen. Thanks for this great story.

  5. That is a wonderful story!! It had a happy ending! Yay!

  6. Oh we couldn't breathe we were so afraid it was going to have a heartbreaking ending....but it DID NOT!!!! yayayay
    stellie rose