Friday, July 3, 2015

Tails from Rainbow Bridge: My Gotcha Day

Sunday will mark my 15th birthday, or, as it has been commonly called since my passing to the immortal side of the river of life three years ago:  Foley Monster Day.  This is a day to celebrate the love between humans and their dogs.  There is no mourning or sadness allowed on Foley Monster Day.  Only love, good memories, and laughter.

I was born in July 5, 2000.  I had humble beginnings.  I was born as part of a litter of four on a farm in central Massachusetts.  There were lots of dogs on the farm, some really big, and it was there that I learned size means nothing.  I had no problem, even in my first weeks, bossing the big dogs around.

My first Mom was, no word of a lie, a deaf mute.  For eight blessed weeks all I heard was the pleasant sound of dogs barking.  Then one day her daughter came, and then a man and a woman and they started talking!  As God as my witness I thought humans couldn’t speak.

My brothers and sisters were around me, and we were all equally startled, but I had the intelligence to run to the strange woman, jump in her arms, and when she lifted me up, to nuzzle against her neck.  I then made a little whimpering sound and that was that.  The woman told me she was my new Mom.  Albeit a noisy one.

We got in their car for what would be a long ride home.  I looked in my new Mommy’s deep brown eyes and knew I was going home.  I felt nothing but the deepest love.

Then I puked on her.

They stopped at a Petco in Bellingham MA to get supplies.  Mommy handed me to Daddy while she shopped.  I didn’t like being carried by Daddy as much as Mommy.  So I peed on him.

In my first hour as part of my family I puked on Mommy and peed on Daddy.  That is some bonding.

When we got home a black and white Shih Tzu came bounding down the stairs.  I got my tiny back up but the Shih Tzu, Blake, was thrilled to see me.  She welcomed me into her home and anxiously showed me everything in  five minutes.  She gave me sweet kisses and told me how happy she I was her new sister.  I

It was bedtime when we got home.  Mommy didn’t want me wandering around the house when she got ready for bed so she put me in a big laundry basket with sides four times as tall as me.  Well I jumped right out of that basket.  While Mommy was washing her teeth she turned around and there I was.

No laundry basket could hold me!  She carried me upstairs and I spent my first night in my crate in a chair right next to the bed until I woke Mommy up Daddy up at 5:00.  Daddy took me out, and then put me on the deck and took Blake out.  When he turned around there I was.  I had crawled through a small hole in the trellis.  I was looking up at him wagging my tail.  No deck could contain me either.

Mommy and Daddy went to work and Blake and I were stuck in separate crates until Mommy got home.  Later in the day they took us for a walk at the state mental institution across the street.  Mommy planned to carry me when I got tired but my little legs carried me for the whole walk.

And then we returned home.  To my new home.  My forever home.  Where my happy life was to begin.


  1. Way to go...puke and pee right off the bat. You sure showed them who could do what to who (or whom).

  2. Sounds like a great start. You know you are loved when you can puke and pee on them and they love you all the more
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. I am so glad you found such wonderful parents. I think puking and peeing seems like a good test and it sounds like passed with flying colors.

    I think I can almost hear the music and smell the celebratory burgers from the bridge. Have a wonderful day and say hi to Angel Pip and Angel Daisy for me!

  4. That was a wonderful beginning. Sometimes love does cause a little puking and pee is like scented water which is the same as that perfume stuff hoomans wear. Happy Independence Day!

    Your Yankee Doodle Dandies,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Happy birthday, Angel Foley - we hope you had a great big party over the bridge with our brothers and sister, Thunder, Phantom, and Dakota - and all the other wonderful furries there with you. We loved reading about your beginnings. Funny thing - our Mom grew up in Western MA and her maiden name is Foley:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning


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