Friday, July 17, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Angel Flying Lessons

Scene:  Foley has led a group of new angels to her Mom’s house to assume bodies of butterflies and work on their flying.  They have all assumed bodies and are ready to take flight.

“Alright everyone first we need to do a flight check.  Look around, check your wings, make sure they are in a locked and upright position.  Okay check the wind, you don’t want to get caught in a breeze.  OK squadron get ready for lift off.

“All right try to stay in a tight formation.  Nigel, get your left wing up you’re straying out of position.  Good man.  Reyah you are doing good.  Keep your eyes locked on the target.  We want to land on the butterfly bush.  You will love the smells.  Logan don’t go into the bird bath.  Pull up!  Pull up!  Oh man Labs!    They always go for the water.

“OK Logan climb up on the sides and push off like you would getting out of your own pool.  Good boy.  Now where is Blazer?  Blazer?  Oh there you are.  Hey, stop pollinating that flower!  You have skipped way ahead in the reading.  I know it feels good but you need to pollinate in your time.

“You see that pretty ladybug over there.  That is Angel Ladybug the best flight trainer in the business.  She is going to teach you how to fly high.  OK take over Ladybug.  Okay everyone, get higher, higher!  Simon look out for the glass!  Pull up!  Pull up!  Uh-oh Angel down.  You okay their buddy?  Ok:  Fly over to the Hydrangea and rest.  Don’t blame yourself.  It’s Mommy fault. She is obsessive about cleaning the windows.

“OK.  Let’s fly over to the St Anthony statue.  Everybody here.  Good. OK we are going to fly over to the window Simon just flew into and check on my Mom, this way you will all learn how to check on your Moms.  OK get your wings up, flutter and lift off.  Fly towards the window.  Watch for your reflection so you don’t fly in.  OK, now pull up, glide into the window, put your landing gear down and stick the landing.

“Now take a look around.  There’s my Mom.  Oh she’s cleaning again.  And there is River  Nigel don’t wave.  Nigel down!  He’s OK.  Fly over to the statue we will catch up with you.  There is Pocket too.  Yes she is barking at us.  She barks at everything she sees.

“OK time to go back.  You ready Blazer?  Simon, don’t circle around.  Look out for the glass.  Oh man Simon.  You OK.?  That’s good go join Nigel.  And….Hey Logan stop swimming in the bird bath and Blazer are you pollinating again?

“Oh man angel training is hard.”


  1. We sorta thought you just got your wings....and you can fly. Didn't know you had to learn....(do you get treats?)

  2. And the wings are strong,, thank goodness!

  3. You are such a creative writer. We fall easily into your vivid writing style!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley