Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jax, Daisy, Chelsea and Frankie are our July 19, 2015 Pups of the Week

It has been a quiet week here at Rainbow Bridge which is a good week.  It has given me a chance to check up on the families of some of my closest friends.  

Cooper has been looking for a new pup for his Mom since he came here.  After several meetings he chose Jax.  Jax is a loving, sweet, friendly dog who was in need of a good home.  He met all Cooper’s criteria.  Except Cooper never checked on destructiveness.  “Ooops,” Cooper said as he watched Jax destroy his Mom’s favorite pen,  electrical cords, clothes, and furniture.  Jax only needs some coaching to be a good dog and Cooper is willing to send Jax to his dream academy to hearn.  Jax  has the most important thing.  His Mom’s heart.  

Being in our Mom’s heart is a wonderful place to be.  And we fill those hearts with joy but sometimes we fill them with sadness and worry too.  We never want to do it..  But it happens.

Our beautiful sweet friend Daisy has filled her Mom’s heart with worry and sadness when Daisy tore her ACL.  It is a nightmare for Daisy because no dog ever wants to do anything to give her Mom a seconds worry and for her Mom who is trying to decide if her baby should have surgery or not.   Please say a prayer for both of them, to help her Mom  make the right decision and for Daisy to heal.

Chelsea is another dog who showed trouble walking this week. She is like my Mom, like all of our Moms, anything wrong becomes a large concern.  Chelsea’s Mom recorded her walking, posted it, and got advice from friends.  She spent half the night sleeping on the floor with Chelsea until Chelsea was well enough to get up on the bed.  Saturday morning she took Chelsea to the vet who diagnosed her with a pinched nerve.  When Chelsea got home she wouldn’t eat but her clever Mom built a makeshift stand for her food, she ate, and she quickly improved on the medication.

Finally we must recognize our long time friends and top angel aides Max and Tupper.  They had been looking into getting their Mom another pup even if she didn’t know that she wanted one  They slipped into their Aunt’s dreams and told her about a Min Pin at a local rescue.  Their Aunt told their Mom who thought she would take a look.  There she met the dog Max and Tupper had found for her:  One look at Frankie was all it took.  She brought him home, helped him through his first thunderstorm and made sure he knew he was in a very special home.  The home of Max and Tupper.

So this week let’s say prayers for those who need it and welcome our new friends and pray for comfort for all our worried Moms and Dads.


  1. I've spent more than a few nights sleeping on the floor to help doggies heal. It is worth the morning aches.

  2. Worrying is hard on the heart.
    stella rose

  3. Yes the mommies worry, bless their hearts
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Oh many worried peeps. We hope all the pups heal quickly.