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Molly a Pup I Never Met is Our July 12, 2015 Pup of the Week

I meet a lot of dogs here who I don’t know (but as soon as they become angels they become friends because all angels are friends.)  Once we learn their names and their parents’ names my crack staff, led by Blazer and Simon, begin looking for their parents so we can reunite them.   

If we know the pups we can arrange for their Moms to be there to meet them.  Usually it is dogs we don’t know who are waiting for their humans.  But this week something happened we did not expect.  A Mom we did not know came to wait for a dog we didn’t know.

She had crossed over to human section of the immortal side.  Instead of staying with the humans she came over to our place.  Seeing a human without a dog here is very strange.  She didn’t say much.  She just sat with us and gave us nice scratches and sweet pats.

When we asked her why she was there she would only say she was waiting for someone.  She never sought shelter, and never strayed too far from the top of Enzo’s escalator where pups get sworn in when they arrive.  She just waited.

Soon more of us joined her, just sitting there, looking off the cliffs down towards the River of Life, waiting, never questioning.  One night she turned to me and stroked theo top of my head.  “My name is Sharron,” she said.  “Sharron Webb.  I know you don’t know me but I know you.  I know all of you.  I am friends with Judy Turley Kelley. She is Millie Mae’s Mom.  Judy told me all about you and your angel friends.  I have a dog of my own.  Her name is Molly.  We both have cancer and we made a pact, the first who crossed the River of Life would come sit here and wait for the other so that is what I am doing, waiting for my sweet Molly.”

So we waited, and grew in numbers each day, until one day Sharron stood up and walked towards Enzo’s escalator.  We all followed.  A little dachshund was running up the stairs and Sharron cried out “Molly” and started running down the stairs which was totally against the rules, and I am a Judge who was supposed to keep order, but I let it go.  A third of the way down they met and she picked up Molly and together they rode to the top of Enzo’s Escalator as all the dogs howled.  

Then Sharron picked up Molly and she ran with her as I barked after her.  Molly needed to be sworn in, she needed to get her wings from Ladybug, she needed to learn how to fly, but I stopped chasing them and let them go as Sharron put Molly down and they ran into the hills together laughing and barking all they way.  I told Blazer and Simon they needed to find Molly so we could swear her in but there was no rush.  I was sure we would see them soon.

I know for you on the immortal side of life Sharron and Molly’s passing was quite upsetting, but for us here on the immortal side it was quite a sight to se.

It certainly was.


  1. We never have any words, its cos we cannot see through the tears in our eyes to write them.
    stella rose

  2. we are teary too.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. I got something in my eye. Yeah, that's it...

  4. Lovely to think of them together again!


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