Friday, September 25, 2015

Tails from Rainbow Bridge: Molly

I am often asked what life is like on the immortal side of the River.  Truthfully it is not much different than life on the mortal side.  The weather is nicer, neither too hot or too cold.  The sun rises and the sun sets.
I love a good sunrise although I would rather be tucked into my warm bed at that hour.  Why do sunrises need to be so early?  There are mornings I force myself awake, make a strong cup of coffee, and go to special spot to watch the sunrise.  That special spot is Molly’s sun room.
I hope you all remember beautiful Molly.  She was taken from us at a very young age.  She only had a few years with her Mom but they were wonderful loving years.  She succeeded the irreplaceable Daisy in her Mom’s heart, and she picked beautiful Sophie to heal her Mom’s broken spirit when she departed.  In the all too short time she had with her family she had one important chore:  She oversaw the building of her Mom’s sunroom.
Molly and her Mom loved to sit in the sun together.  Molly had her own chair.  She would sit in it and look out the windows to see all God’s creatures playing on her grass.  It took her Dad a long time to get it built, interrupted a spell of heart trouble, But she only had a short time to enjoy it.
It was IMHD, the terrible disease that has affected so many friends,  that took her.  It came quickly and despite tens of thousands of prayers she crossed the River of Life.  She was broken hearted, missing her Mom with every ounce of her tiny being, so her friends built her a sun room of her own.
Every morning Molly wakes up before dawn and climbs into her chair.  Her house is built on a cloud that always face East.  There are eleven teen foot windows facing that direction and a beautiful chair behind the glass.  Next to that are several smaller chairs for her friends.   That was my destination.
I am not a big early morning flyer.  The air is cold and brisk:  Like jumping into a cold, dark water.  But I could see Molly sitting in her chair.  When saw saw me she got up, got me a blanket to warm me up, a hot cup of coffee and invited me into her chair to snuggle and watch the event.
Then the sun came up, first lighting the darkness with orange, purple, yellow and red.  Then the sun rose over the river and the light and the warmth hit us like a thousand little fireflies.  We snuggled next to each other and I realized that a sunroom is a very beautiful thing indeed.


  1. Your tails from the Rainbow Bridge warm our hearts - thank you
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. Us too...we always wonder if someday you will run into our Sammy and Trudie....stella rose

  3. Sun room is such a lovely name for a place enjoyed by an angel dog.

  4. Such a beautiful vision... You warm our hearts with thoughts of our angels in a sunroom snuggled up watching sunrise.


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