Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spooky Walks by Pocket Dog

River Song and I are very observant when we are walking.  We know what is in every yard and where it should be.  If something is missing we bark.  And if there is something new we bark louder.

There are two times a year when these new intruders cause constant barking.  One is Christmas and the second is Halloween.   During Halloween we give out a special bark.

Because these are not ordinary decorations.  They are demons, skeletons, witches and ghosts.  While I have never seen real ones Foley did when she used to walk around the abandoned state mental facility  She would look in the windows and give a special bark.  It was her “Oh look there is a ghost in the window” bark.

Our parents became very aware of that bark.  Foley would be walking by an abandoned building, stop, slowly start to growl as she stared in the window, then begin a full throated bark.  It is the same bark River and I perform when we see the scary decorations.

While our parents know what we are barking at now, when they were walking around the mental hospital they were afraid of what she was barking at.  They would look in the windows and not see anything and Foley would be barking like mad, wagging her tail and looking in the window.  There are those who say the State Hospital was haunted.  We know Foley would agree.

One night Daddy noticed there was smoke pouring from a building near their house.  He thought it was from the State Hospital because homeless people were known to sleep there at night.  Daddy wanted to check it out but he didn’t want to look suspicious so he put Foley on her leash and together the walked over the check it out.  Sure enough all the abandoned building were aflame.

As Daddy was leaving the four police cruisers came speeding on to the site.  One stopped and an officer got out to question Daddy.  Daddy thought he would look innocent walking a little dog until he looked down and saw Foley with a book of matches in her mouth trying to light one with her paw.  Thankfully the officer did not see the Mini Monster of Mischief and they were allowed to return home.  Foley never walked by  the haunted buildings again.   

In respect to Foley, and her ghost hunting abilities River and I bark at every supernatural thing we see.  But our parents should keep in mind that they live in the Village of the Pruned.  Are we barking at a fake ghost hanging from the porch of is there something mysterious inside that only we know about?

Only our barks can tell


  1. Just cuz nobody can see something doesn't mean it isn't there!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I agree with Murphy, I see and bark at stuff my peeps never see.

    Aroo to you,

  3. That building looks like it would be haunted
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. We strongly believe that dogs can see into another dimension where ghosts and their friends hang out.

  5. We live in a almost 200 year old house, can you imagine how much we bark at things...............stella rose

  6. Howdy Little Mates. We bark at stuff mum can't see, or hear and we also like to bark at stuffs we see and hear and, well, you get the picture hehehe. We just love the sound of our own voices :-). Hope your week has been a good one. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory


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