Sunday, September 27, 2015

Morgan is our September 27, 2015 Pup of the Week

I love my old Doggyspace and my current Tanner Brigade and Facebook friends but there is another world that I get to visit that means as much to me.  It is a world called Blogville.  The pups and folks there are all independent dog bloggers who read each other's pages and leave sweet and supportive comments.  I wish more of my friends would explore this world because it is a wonderful place.
Many of you know the Angel who, while on the mortal side of the River was called Morgan the Miracle Maltese.  Well we have another Morgan and she is proving to be a miracle dog too.  She belongs to the pack whose stories are told at . 
Morgan is a senior dog and she is showing the signs that all us seniors show.  She has become unsteady and confused with good days and bad days.  When the bad days come her parents prepare themselves for the hardest decision and when the good days come she seems like she has years ahead of her.  
She sleeps so soundly that sometimes her Mom has to check to make sure she is breathing.  She gets her water through a syringe to keep her hydrated and her appetite is spotty.  She gets an Ensure milkshake everyday which sounds pretty good to me.  I love to go to Otie Campbell’s drugstore here for a milkshake but I never got one on the mortal side.  That’s living the dream right there.  Morgan goes to sleep after that but then she wakes up at 2:30 and keeps her parents up with her staggers and bumps  
One recent night Morgan suffered a seizure and her Mom readied herself for Morgan’s final vet visit.  By morning Morgan was back to being normal.  Her Mom called the vet who advised her they could run some tests and put her on an antibiotic to control her ammonia levels.
Knowing that Morgan’s song would be ending her parents decided to do a bucket list for him.  They took her to her favorite spot in the backyard, where she hadn’t been for years do to her health, where she was very happy.  That small trip tired her out but meant the world to her.  She also has not been able to get up on the couch and enjoy her favorite quilt so her Mom put her on the couch and Morgan slept for a few hours.  One of her favorite toys that she no longer played with was pulled out of her crate so Morgan could sleep on it and remember being young.  Sometime her Mom catches Morgan staring into space without moving perhaps remembering her younger days.
Finally the day came to help send Morgan across the River of Life to the Immortal side.  But the appointed day came and once again Morgan rallied.  Again, the vet was called and he said that Morgan was not ready to make her journey.  He then introduced her to the world of B-12 shots.  
The next day Morgan was acting like she had five years ago:  She ate dinner, went outside by herself, ran up the stairs to the bedroom, then had a big breakfast and even went for a walk.  
Her parents wondered if everyone should take B-12.  But her Mom had a different conclusion.  She thinks Morgan sees her doctor, believes that the doctor is going to make her better, and she gets better.  In Morgan’s 16 years of life she has always gotten better after seeing her vet even if the doctor has only given her a kiss on the head and wished her well.
So I don’t know.  Is it the B-12?  The vet?  Is this another Morgan the Miracle Dog?  We don’t know.  We just hope Morgan is around for a lot longer so we can find out.  


  1. Yay for Morgan. we will hope for 17 and more
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. Maybe she gets better because she doesn't want a shot. They hurt. Good for Morgan and her rallies.

  3. Yay for sweet Morgan...ayyayyaya....stella rose

  4. Oh thank you for posting about our very own sweet Morgan. Mom has the flu so she didn't read blogs till today but she has a smile on her face now. Morgan had a bad infection and started taking some antibiotics and now she's feeling really good. She has her appetite back and she's sleeping thru the night and walking more steadily. She wants to go to the backyard today so this evening Mom and Dad will walk her there. She sure is a miracle dog!


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