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Odie is our September 6, 2015 Pup of the Week

We are all very lucky to have such marvelous parents.  But two of us have parents who are so marvelous they are downright magical.

Odie and Scooby are two Great Danes enjoying life in their mid teens.  What makes this amazing is that Great Danes should only live to be eight or nine.  And I think it is the love and care of their two parents that have kept them healthy so long.

Scooby spends most of his time on the couch now  While his heart and mind are strong the legs aren’t working too well.  His parents have to bring him outside to pee and move him around the couch when he gets restless but except for that he is leading a very good life.  Scooby gets to go on walks and see his friends.  His parents got him a stroller to push him through the neighborhood so he can enjoy the outside.  They have known for some time that Scooby is their special needs dog but now his brother Odie needs your prayers.

He had been losing weight so his doctor gave him a CAT scan.  The CAT showed that Odie has a tumor.  The only way to find out if it is cancerous is to operate on him.
His advanced age causes his Mom concern but the doctors assure her he should be fine. If Odie does not have the operation the tumor then it could burst and start internal bleeding.  There would  be little time to save him after that.  

After the tumor is removed it will be sent out for a biopsy. We are praying very hard that the tumor is benign.   If it is not benign then Odie will have to have chemotherapy.  At his age chemotherapy is a risk but the greater risk, as always, is to do nothing.  

We have absolute confidence that Odie and Scooby’s Mom and Dad will make the right decision for him.   Like all our parents who are faced with life altering decisions for their beloved pets Odie’s parents are under an extreme amount of stress.  They are trying to balance the quality and quantity of Odie’s life.   They want him to be with them a long time but don’t want him to suffer for a minute.  

Please send them prayers so they can make the right decision for their sweet baby boy and he can come through his ordeal healthy and live a normal life again.

And never take a normal life for granted.  Normal is fleeting while trouble has a way of seeming endless.  

Thanks for the prayers.


  1. Love Odie and Scooby. Sending Prayers.

  2. Sending tons of pug prayers for Odie and the whole family.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. We are sending prayers for Odie and his family. What a difficult decision they have to make.

  4. Odie and Scooby sound like they have lived the wonder years. We pray for a great outcome for Odie. Those decisions are so hard to make. POTP going out to them and their peeps.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. We are sending POTP to Odie. I have a special place in my heart for dogs like him. I hope that everything goes smoothly and no chemo is needed...

  6. Oh we hope the news is good, and that they both continue to the wonderful lives that they do, there is power in the prayer that is for sure...stellie rose


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