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Moon River

I am a creature of habit.  I like everything happening at the same time every day.  At 10:00 at night I go outside to pee with Pocket and Daddy (he doesn’t pee) and then come back inside and get my Kong filled with treats.  But on Sunday night Mommy got ready to go out with us which never happens.

Immediately I became concerned.  What was this?  A late night walk?  A pee examination?

We got outside and Pocket and I quickly peed because we  were anxious to see what caused this change in routine.  We were picked up and Mommy told us to look at the sky.

Look at the sky?  I am eight inches tall.  Looking up is my main occupation.

She picked me up.  “Look at the moon River,” Mommy said.  Moon River?  Well it was wider than a mile.` It was a bright red which probably wasn’t good.  I immediately feared for my parents because of the vampires.  I wasn’t worried about Pocket or me.  We have tiny necks, are good at wiggling away, and are bite sized at best.

The moon seemed to be disappearing.  Slowly.  Very slowly.  And they stood there looking at the moon.  (Sigh)  During my treat Kong time.  Instead of some kibble, and carrots and I looked at the moon.  “Why are we looking at the moon?” I asked Pocket.

“It is hiding.  It isn’t going to hide for decades.  This is our only chance to see it.”  Our only chance?  I don’t know about them but I plan to be here for decades.  

So we kept looking up.  Frankly my neck was starting to hurt.  My parents kept asking if the moon was getting bigger or smaller.  If they didn’t even know that what was the point?  Finally they decided they had enough Moon and we went inside.  My treat Kong was done and I got to work on it.   

Except I couldn’t get that moon out of my mind.  Every few minutes I would stop, look at it and bark.  I don’t know why.  It is like it was affecting my mind.  Damn troublesome moon.  I don’t think there is much super about it..

You know now that I think about it when it comes back decades from now I am going to sleep through it.  The thing was a bother.


  1. It wasn't very super at our house either. It was cloudy and the moon just got very dark and we could hardly see it
    Mr bailey, Hazel & mabel

  2. Me and my peeps checked out the moon too.

    Aroo to you,

  3. We were afraid it was going to turn us into werewolves so we acted weirder than usual and our humans got bored with the whole thing and went back inside.

  4. I saw dat Vampire Moon too, nuffin dat eggcitin to bark at.

  5. Not only did we sleep through it our parents did too cos they forgot. geeze.......stella rose

  6. We couldn't see that eclipse here in the southern hemisphere. We think you were lucky to see that Moon, River.


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