Thursday, September 17, 2015

Top 10 Things I Have Learned in 8 Years by Pocket Dog

Two weeks ago I celebrated my eighth birthday and am now coming full circle from a puppy who has not gotten the hang of puppy training to a senior dog who cannot control their pee.  I even have a little senior dog placard I wear on my collar that allows me to pee at special spots just for me without getting a ticket or towed.
I have been thinking of all I have learned in my life, from my sisters Foley Monster and River Song, from my parents, and from my wonderful friends.  I have compiled them in a top ten list which I now present:  Please to enjoy.
10.  Don’t pee into the wind if you want a dry undercarriage.
9.  There is nothing more comforting in the world than your parents’ touch.
8.  When you are on a walk if you see something bark something.
7.  Although they are all the rage right now zombies make very bad pet parents.
6.  I learned more from 30 seconds sniffing pee mail than I ever learned in school.
5.  Online friends are the best because, while they may look at your butt, they never sniff without permission.
4.  Even though I love having bananas, apples and carrots as treats every time I get one I think I am secretly getting screwed..
3.  No matter what technology they put in cameras us dogs will always turn away just before the picture is taken.
2.  I prefer my water dish shaken, not stirred.
1.  It is always better to have a four pawed sibling in the house so you can point to them and say “they did it.”


  1. We love these. We think they should be embroidered on a pillow. What a wise 8-year-old you are!!!

  2. These are all very important did bits of information,, for me to think about!

  3. Very good Pocket - we will remember these
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Ahhhhhh, life's lessons. We're glad you've passed them on and we don't have to experience them. Thanks!

  5. MOm laughed and laughed and she really loved NO.2....thank you for sharing sweetie.
    stella rose


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