Sunday, September 13, 2015

Scooby is our September 13, 2015 Pup of the Week

Last week we asked for prayers for Odie one of two teenage Great Danes living as part of a wonderful family.  Odie is going to have an operation for a tumor which may or may not be malignant.  
Odie’s diagnosis was a shock because it was Scooby who was the family’s special needs baby.  His long legs had stopped working and his parents had to carry him outside to do his business and to move him around his spot on the couch so he was comfortable.  He did get plenty of outside time.  His Dad pushed him in his own stroller.
While the family’s attention turned to Odie Scooby stayed on the couch comforting his brother.  His only unusual behavior was becoming noisy during the night.  His Mom kept a baby monitor by him so she could hear if he was having any distress. The last few nights he became noisy several times but settled down after some Mom time.
On Friday I got a text saying a Great Dane friend of mine was arriving.  I immediately thought that Odie’s tumor had burst.  I put on my robe and stood on top of Enzo’s escalator.  I saw this big dog, as big as any I have seen, running faster than the escalator could convey him.  But it wasn’t Odie, it was Scooby.  
I was very well acquainted with Scooby although I had not met before my passing over the River of Life.  Pocket and Odie had become best buds in the last year.  My little sister asked me if I could find Odie and Scooby’s angel brother Rusty (and after finding Rusty dozens of other dogs, ferrets, hamsters, birds and other creatures of God who found love under Scooby’s parents’ roof).)  On Saturday nights we would all go for some dream fun, cloud jumping, wind surfing, and star kissing.  We looked forward to it, especially Scooby, who could once again run like he was a pup.
And that is was Scooby was doing now, running like he was a pup.  He wrapped his giant legs around and licked me on top of the head.  He let me swear him in and then he took off running with Rusty and their menagerie of family.  He had to be corralled to get his wings.  Scooby is a very large dog and wing fitting is always more difficult on the big dogs but it was done.  It usually takes Great Danes quite a while to fly but thanks to our dream visits Scooby took to flying faster than any Great Dane I had ever known.
As is true with all new angels soon Scooby’s thoughts turned back to his mortal life and those he left behind.  His devoted, loving caring Mom who had nursed him to the ripe age of 15 and in whose arms he passed from the mortal side of Bridge in the house he loved so much; his father, who pushed Scooby in his stroller through the neighborhood so Scooby could see his friends, and spent long nights awake with him. and his brother Odie, still in need of prayers for his upcoming operation and recovery, now, for the first time in his life an only dog, and missing his brother terribly.
Scooby is young again, and reunited with so many members of his family.  It is fitting that we remember him young, playful, a Great Dane in full.  And we pray for those who were left behind because it is always hardest on them.
We are all with you Mom, Dad, and Odie.  The road of grief is long and difficult but we have all walked it before and will walk it with you until you reach the end.


  1. What wonderful humans he had to give him such a long (for GDs) loving life.

  2. Scooby, what wonderful pawrents you had to take such wonderful care of you and what a long life of love you had. Prayers for your Mom & Dad and Odie
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. A beautiful tribute free, Angel Scooby.


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