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Freddy Girl is our November 29, 2015 Pup of the Week

It was a little over five years ago that our human friend Gina Busch followed her heart dog Pepsi to Rainbow Bridge.  I try to visit them once a week.  She is a very special and very sweet dog Mom who now has hundreds of unrescued dogs that she takes care of here at the Bridge.  Humans are rare in our section and when one arrives we all want to share their love and Gina has lots of love to give.  
Gina left two dogs behind on the mortal side:  Freddy and Sota.  Ten years earlier Freddy and Sota would have gone into a shelter and there is no way of knowing what would have happened to them.  But we now live in the age of social media where all those who love and respect dogs are connected.  Freddy and Sota never saw the inside of a shelter.  Thanks to some great social networking parents Freddy and Sota soon found homes.  
Carol Johnson Issacson said that she would love to provide a new home for Sota and Tommy Tunes’ Dad Steve said he would be very happy to provide a home for Freddy.  Many people had to devote time and energy to transport Sota and Freddy to their new homes and despite a snowstorm, it came off without a hitch.  Sota and Freddy are very happy and well taken care of and Gina is so thankful that these parents gave her beloved pups such special lives.
While Freddy, whose name became Freddy Girl to avoid confusion, found herself living with one of the world’s great dog Dads, she also found herself living with the world famous, Hall of Fame dog, Tommy Tunes.  Freddy Girl, who had been overshadowed by Pepsi, was more than happy to let Tommy remain in the spotlight.  Even when, with great fanfare, Tommy crossed the River of Life to the immortal side Freddy still let him do the main blogging for his pack.
But now Freddy Girl is in the spotlight and not by her choosing   Two years ago she had a molar removed and the  wound never healed.   Recently she has been lethargic and not wanting to eat. She was drooling and it was thick and gooey.   Daddy Steve took her to the doctor who said the surgical wound had become infected and spread to other teeth.  On Wednesday Freddy is going to have surgery and she could certainly use your prayers.   
Daddy Steve doesn’t have to worry about Freddy Girl being alone during her surgery  Both Tommy and Gina will be there with her to comfort her and to do everything they can to make sure she returns to her Dad.  
Freddy has had the pleasure of two different and wonderful parents in her life.  She has lost one parent and traveled across the country to get to another.  She is a beautiful beagle pup and like most beagles she is not going to let a hole in the head slow her down.
Wishing you a safe surgery and a quick recovery Freddy and that you quickly get home to Dad.


  1. No doubt that Gina, Tommy and Pepsi will be there with Freddie as she goes through this procedure. She will certainly be in our barks and prayers. Please keep us updated as you can... sending the family loves and hugs <3

  2. Sending lots of love and support to sweet Freddy Girl. I hope the surgery goes well and she makes a speedy recovery.

    P.S: I am having a super fun giveway for small dogs like us. Stop on by!

  3. We are sending healing thoughts to Freddie.

  4. We are sending lots of pug prayers for Freddy Girl
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Hi friends! I just read your comment and thought I would check to make sure you were entered. I think maybe you forgot to press "I commented". If you want to enter just go back to the rafflecopter widget, and press "comment". It will then go another screen and then press "I commented" in the bottom right hand corner. Let me know if you have problems. Thanks!

  6. I am sending POTP too for Freddie Girl


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