Sunday, May 7, 2017

Capone is our May 7, 2017 Pup of the Week

Humans like to say they rescue dogs but from what I have experienced dogs are the ones who save their humans.  This is Capone’s story.  He took the saving humans idea to a whole new level.  
Angela Fullmer and her husband Isaac found the miniature pinscher, chihuahua, whippet mix abandoned on the highway 18 months ago.  They brought him home and they and their children fell in love with the dog the would name Capone.  They had no idea how Capone would repay their kindness.  
Capone was part of a large family with nine human siblings, the youngest one three months, to play with.  On the night Capone repaid the great kindness shown to him his father, a trucker, was on a haul and his mom, who had recently graduated from Mercy College with a degree in health care management, had fed, and put to bed, their nine children, before falling to sleep in her own bed.
At 1:30 AM Capone began to bark.  His mom told him to be quiet.     She did not want him to wake the baby.  But Capone persisted.  She told him to come to her.  Capone turned and ran back into the kitchen.
Angela had the same reaction that all moms have.  That stupid dog is barking at nothing.  She got out of her warm bed and followed Capone into the kitchen.
She saw the microwave plug was on fire.  She knew an electrical fire could spread quickly.  She picked up her newborn, Atreyu, and 20-month-old Mondecai, then told her oldest son, Landon, to gather the six other children and get outside.
Fire began to go up the wall and out the window, finally, the smoke alarm sounded.  Angela called 911 then did a family roll call:  Landon, 12, Alexander, 10, Jadzia, 9, Ronan, 7, Inara, 6, Mezoti, 5, Khaleesi, 3, Mondecai, 20 months, and Atreyu were all accounted for.
But where was Capone?
The hero strolled out of the house as if nothing had happened.
Sadly the family had lost everything, including many beloved stuffed animals, but they were all still alive, thanks to Capone, which was the important thing.
The family had to stay in a hotel and poor, confused Capone was at a friend’s house for three days where he didn’t eat and cried a lot.  When another apartment was found for the family Capone was joyfully reunited with those he saved.  He wouldn’t leave Arteyu’s side, sleeping on her blanket while Arteyu napped.
A couple of months after the fire, thanks to the generous donations of neighbors, the family had clothes and stuffed animals again, and they bought a house with a big backyard for Capone to play.  
Capone is one of many dogs who has been nominated for the American Humane Hero Dog Award.  You can see the list of nominees here The next time you talk about rescuing your dog think of Capone and ask who saved who.


  1. Such a wonderful tale. We loved it. Yups we pups are the true angels that save our hoomans that's what the Big Guys sends us here to earth for.
    Love, Molly and my Mom

  2. What a great story. Humans always think their dogs are barking at nothing. Humans can be dumb.

  3. That is a heartwarming story. We hope he is a winner in that contest.

  4. Capone is a wonderful hero!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. Capone you are the super-pup and a super-hero too.... and I'm so glad that all survived... just because of fabulous Capone...

  6. That's a great story. So happy Capone came to live with that family.

  7. What a brave little soul, angels come in many shapes and forms. stella rose

  8. Capone was a REAL hero!! He saved the whole family!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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