Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pups of the Week: Rose Lawson, Lady and Chase

Tomorrow is Memorial Day when humans remember those who paid the greatest price for their country, and other loved ones, including us pups.  We don’t have any parades or cookouts (well, we do, but it is our regular Monday cookout) because every day is Memorial Day here.
On Friday I wrote about Paco.  His job is to teach dogs how to travel as ghosts from the Bridge to their parent's house and cause some mischief that will let their parents know that we are still there and that we love them.  Paco has had some students have limited success in the precious endeavor, but this week a new Angel was able to master the technique in days.
Rose Lawson, a pretty black dog whose name closely resembles one of the silver screens’ most romantic characters, developed liver cancer, and sadly, on Thursday, she made her final trip to Rainbow Bridge to join other members of her pack, too many really, for one mom to lose.
That is why Rose was so anxious to let her mom know that all the angels that she has lost are still with her.  Paco tried to cram everything he knew about ghosting into Rose’s head.  He then sent her back to her mom, one night after she crossed into the immortal world.
Rose landed outside.  She saw her parents inside.  How was she going to signal to them that she was still there, watching over them?  And then she saw the outside lights.  In her mortal life, she was always getting her paws caught up in the cords causing the lights to flicker out.  She ran to the cords and spun around until the lights went out.  She was able to keep spinning for two minutes until she ran out of ghost energy.  When her mom went outside to see what had caused the outage all she saw was the plus still on the wall. And that is when she knew Rose was still with her, and always would be.
And the rest of you parents with Angels, when something falls, or there is an unexplained noise we are just saying hi.
After 18 years of being her family’s beloved, faithful companion she went to the Bridge because of dementia and severe back pain.  Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, over the River of Life, climbing the stairs, and becoming immortal took all of that away.  Lady was a puppy again, and it was also a puppy that she wanted, not for herself, but for her family.  She immediately began interviewing her replacement, and a day later Callie Duncan was introduced to her family.  Lady knew Duncan could not replace her, but it would help her family get across the River of Grief and start to heal.
I also have a message from Chase to his mom Ashley.  
Chase’s mom wished when he passed to the Bridge that he be jumping and playing again and he is.  He is also learning how to be a ghost, so if you hear something go bump in the night, you will know that it is Chase stopping by to say he loves you.
And the rest of you parents with Angels, when something falls, or there is an unexplained noise we are just saying hi.


  1. Beautiful dogs and lovely tributes to them

  2. You always have such a loving way to warm our hearts.

    Woos - Misty and Lightning

  3. We love the news of the angels.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Beautiful! Such lovely training!
    Love Barb

  5. We can't thank you enough for sharing these lovely pups and their family's love stories with us. Each and every one is special.

    Love, Molly and my Mom


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