Friday, May 12, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: The Big Guy Assigns Foley to "Rainbow Bridge Dogs"

I was sitting in a comfy chair in my cottage.  I had the windows open and a beautiful spring breeze was blowing through them.   I was still wearing my judge’s robe having only spent an hour in the office.  Thankfully the Angel business was slow.  Suddenly a huge wind blew through my modest home  My wings began to flutter and then I was lifted up, and out the window, high in the air, up and up the mountains until I was sucked into a cave on top of the highest peak
I was plopped down on the floor in the Big Guy’s office.  He was sitting high on his throne.  He had a long white beard and was wearing a white robe.  He was bent over his desk reading a list and checking it with a quill pen.  “How have things been Foley?” he asked.
“Fine sir,” I answered.
“Are you providing comfort to the humans who have lost their pups?”
“Yes sir,” I said.
“Because it seems to me you have had a lot of downtime.  I see you sleeping in your cottage.  I think you need more humans to help.  I have signed you up for a Facebook group.  It is called ‘Rainbow Bridge Dog’.    It is where people come to seek comfort after their pups join us here at the Bridge.  Since you were appointed a judge to give comfort to humans I thought it was appropriate for you to join.”
“That is fine sir, I am always available for a few extra humans.  How many are there?”
“Last I checked more than 8,000,” he said.
More than 8,000 people?   That’s a lot of prayers.  When will I sleep?  When will I practice the piano?  When will I eat?   And when will I nap, which is different from sleeping, if I have to explain then you will never understand.
But I did not complain, firstly, because this is my sworn duty and any human that needs prayers brought to the Big Guy, or any human who my meagre words may bring comfort, I am at their service; and secondly, with a whisk of his quill, the Big Guy sent me tumbling out of his office and back down to my cottage without waiting for an answer.
I pawed up my computer and found the site.  There were many sad posts about angels and many supportive comments.  It renewed my faith in the human race.  If you have lost a pup or kitty and you need support check out the group.  And, if you are a member, know I am your angel, and I will befriend your angels and tell them that they are always in your heart.
Someday we will all be together in a land beyond Rainbow Bridge called Happily Ever After.


  1. This is a great idea. Some people don't know how hard it is to lose a pet and we need to find comfort from those who do.

  2. Lovely tale and we're glad to know you are always ready to wipe another tear or give another needed hug. You are indeed an angel sweet Foley.

    Love, Molly and my Mom

  3. It is so comforting to know that you and your big heart are there to make life sweeter for our Angels and their families..

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  4. We are glad you are always there to help Angel Foley
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. yes... once we all are together... furever and ever...

  6. Such a pawesome idea from the big guy!!

    Matt & Matilda

  7. So kind of you to help Angel Foley. Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  8. We always feel better when you give us insight into these things!Happy MOther's Day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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