Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rupert, Ruggles and Janey are our May 14, 2017 Pups of the Week

I have new angels to meet, new angels to greet, and new angels to help get acclimated to their surroundings without their beloved family.  I did a good job of meeting and greeting but if I am going to help the new angels to get acclimated I am going to have to get to know them better.  Starting this week I have instructed my minions to try and befriend their parents so I get to know the angels back stories before I share them with you.
The first new angel I met was Rupert fwhose mom is Barbara Needham from Gringley on the Hill in the United Kingdom which sounds like a magical place.  We always refer to angels in the present tense because they are not gone, they are just somewhere else, across the River of Life, which neither the mortal or immortals can cross, except immortals who borrow the bodies of birds or pretty flying insects, which is why mortal humans should be nice to flying creatures.  I swore Rupert in as an angel.  Scooby have him his designer wings and Ladybug gave him flying lessons.  His mom’s past dogs and lost humans were reunited with Rupert.  We are all working hard to get him adjusted to his new life.
I also met Ruggles from Edmonton Alberta.  He is a very fine gentleman.  He arrived at the Bridge under circumstances that made me very angry.  He was perfectly healthy, but he was bit by something and had an allergic reaction.  He began to have trouble breathing and his mom, Blossom Niemi, rushed him to the vet.  Despite the vet’s best efforts he could not keep Ruggles’ throat from closing completely and his mother had to make the hardest decision, to let him go to the Bridge.  
We are taking excellent care of Ruggles here at Rainbow Bridge.  I know his family is devastated by his loss and at the randomness of his passing.  All I can tell you is that I have learned in my four years at Rainbow Bridge that we dogs are only given so many heartbeats and when they are up we have to go to the Bridge.  As impossible as it is to accept it was Ruggles time.  And Ruggles will still be near you from time to time.  He has learned how to fly into the sun which sends him to your side as a ghost.  Sometimes you can see him out of the corner of your eye.
Even here at the Bridge, when dogs become angels, there is joy.  Our friend Pippin Alexander lost his pack member Janie.  She had become a member of Pippin’s pack when Janie’s parents, Pippin’s grandparents, came to the Bridge.  Janie became sick and it seemed like she was finished being a mortal dog
And she was.  Because her parents were ready for her.  Pippin’s parents helped Janie cross over to the Bridge where Jshe was joyfully reunited with her parents.  They were all young and playful again.  They chased each other in circles then fell to the ground rolling around and scratching each other.  Then they joined in a huge hug as we angels, including Ruggless and Rupert cheered.
Janie was back with her parents, her waiting was over.  Meanwhile, Ruggles, Rupert and I will be waiting for our parents.  But don’t worry, there is a lot of fun things to keep us occupied, and we will always be our parents’ angels so, if you are feeling blue, look out of the corner of your eyes, and you might see us.  


  1. Beautiful update dear Angel Foley. We know you stay busy there at the bridge and we appreciate the updates. With all the new angels you're meeting you must be burning the midnight oil. We're looking forward to learning more about the new pups at Rainbow Bridge.

    Love, Molly and My Mom

  2. We're so sad for these new angels' families. Losing a beloved doggie is like losing a child. We know this well through our angels Joey dog, Miss Ginger, and our Patron Saint Old Charisma. Even though we didn't know Rupert, Ruggles, and Janey before your post, I'm sure they will all become best friends over the Rainbow. Sending lots of POTP to their families.

  3. I hope that when I go to the bridge that I'll be met by you.
    I also hope that it won't be fur a long time. I love my life!
    Yur Furend on Earth,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  4. I'm glad to read that you all are together and that there is a lot of joy...

  5. We are sad for their passing but you and your minions do such a good job for everyone

  6. We are so glad you are there to greet the angels! You do good work!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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