Sunday, December 3, 2017

Abbie is our December 3 2017 Pup of the Week

Rainbow Bridge is in a constant state of flux.  I think it reflects what is happening in the mortal world.  I know things are quite complicated and bothersome there.  Here at the Bridge life has become simpler.  I no longer have a pager to tell me when there is a new pup who needs to be sworn in as an angel, now the sharp sound of a church bell ringing summons me.
I do hate the sound of that bell ringing.  It signals that hearts have been shattered and lives upturned.  It also means there is a new pup climbing the stairs, separated from everything they have loved, somewhat scared, and feeling lonely before they experience all the glory the afterlife presents.
It was raining parent’s tears.   I splashed through the puddles and arrived at my designated spot just as Abbie cleared the final step of her journey and sat on the landing. I had strict instructions to read the Angel Oath and wait for the words “I do,” but, as usual, I forgot my directions and hugged the new Angel.
We had received so many prayers for Abbie.  We flew them up the mountain and left them outside the Big Guy’s cave.  The next morning, when more arrived we flew them upward, the previous day’s prayers were gone.  Someone had considered them, and we awaited an answer.  Sadly, it was an abrupt no.
Abbie was dealing with dueling health issues, one serious, the other usually not, but they hit her like two thunderstorms approaching from opposite directions that combined to become devastating.  One was kidney failure; the other was dental problems.  She needed to eat to combat the kidney failure but couldn’t because of her teeth.  She needed work done on her teeth but could not be put under anesthesia because of her kidney failure.
It had only been two weeks since Abbie was diagnosed with kidney failure.  The doctor said the disease could be severe but her Mom, Aunt Gail did not expect Abbie to be taken so quickly.  She could only watch helplessly as Abbie didn’t eat and grew weaker.  Her friends flooded her with suggestions, but nothing worked.  Aunt Gail’s precious baby was fading before her eyes.
Aunt Gail took Abbie to the vet who told her that Abbie could not survive the dental surgery.  He could give Abbie medication, but it would only give her weeks.  Aunt Gail made the world’s hardest decision, and now Abbie was with us.
Once she was sworn in all of Aunt Gail’s other angels hugged Abbie and promised to take her back home to ghost her mom and visit her in her dreams.  They would also visit Abbie’s siblings, Charlie, Star, and Toto to make sure they took care of Aunt Gail and didn’t cause her any worries.
Abbie wants Aunt Gail to know she is happy and healthy again and she is eating all her favorite foods.  She loves her and misses her and her siblings.  She is sorry for the worries and for passing over so fast, but she promises that someday they will be reunited in a land called Happily Ever After.  
Abbie will be next to her mom as she makes her difficult journey through the world of grief.  Everyone’s journey on that road is different and the length changes but it is always arduous.  Abbie wants her mom to know that she has lots of friends who will walk with her when she needs company.  And Star, Toto, and Charlie will be there too.
Someday she will get through that dark road and be happy again.  
When that day arrives Abbie will finally rest, but she will never stop watching over her mom.


  1. It's always so sad when the bridge gets crossed. But we always remember our angels! Once we knew a man who loved his lab so much, he took him everywhere with him. When the lab passed away, we just happened to have a wonderful lab named Dakota fostering with us who liked nothing better than to follow someone everywhere. We offered Dakota to the bereft man and thought they would be a perfect match. But the man said he could not find the strength to go through another loss of a dear doggie, even if it could be years away. He just couldn't get over the loss of his best friend and companion, and never wanted to have to go through this kind of a loss ever again. What a shame. We hope he eventually found it in his heart to adopt another doggie somewhere down the line. Dakota went to a wonderful forever home quite quickly, since he was such a good obedient boy, and is living happily ever after.

  2. it is the hardest thing on earth.... and it is unfair that love always ends with tears....

  3. Thank you for doing this for Abbie.

  4. It is the hardest decision to make, but it is also the most loving when the time comes. Pug prayers for Abbie's mom
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. This was such a lovely but sad story. So glad Abbie had you to welcome her to the Bridge.

  6. Abbie will always be watching over her Mom.


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